Fruits that are quite prone to discoloration include bananas, apples, pears, avocados, potatoes, and artichokes. Exposure to air is the fundamental scientific cause of these fruits fading to brown. Enzymes in the fruits and the air surrounding you react as a result.
5 Genuine Tips to Keep Apples and Pears from Turning Brown

How to keep pears from turning brown

Although browned fruit is entirely healthy to consume, it doesn't look appetizing (ask kids what they think of brown apple slices in their lunchboxes!). The good news is that it's simple to keep apples and pears from browning. Here are 3 incredibly easy kitchen tips that will allow you to appreciate lovely pears and apples.


1. Add lime or lemon juice to your salad

Tossing your fruits in lemon juice is the simplest technique to prevent bruising. Anything with acid will aid in reducing the rate of the enzymatic process. Lemon includes ascorbic acid, which helps prevent oxidation and lowers pH levels while also keeping foods fresher for longer.


2. Add A Little Salt

Another substance that can obstruct the oxidation process is sodium chloride. You can always switch to soaking them in salt water for a while if you are concerned about making it far too salty. After soaking, you can quickly rinse the fruits under running water to remove the salty taste.


3. To bind them together, wrap a rubber band around them.

Just carefully tie the chopped fruit pieces together if you won't be eating them right away to prevent air exposure. If your apple has been cut into pieces, simply repack it to make it appear whole and use a rubber band to keep the pieces together. This will undoubtedly slow the oxidation process down.


4. Let Fruits Soak in Ginger Ale

Your fruits will respond best to any soda that contains citric acid. All you have to do is let them soak in ginger ale for a little while. The flavors won't be impacted, which is a plus. To avoid eating an overly sweet fruit, remember to add normal soda rather than the sweet variety.


5. Blend them with fruit that is acidic.

Simply mixing these fruits with acidic fruits like oranges, grapefruits, or berries is one easy approach. Fruits' acidic content will interact with other fruits and prevent browning. So you can easily add more colors to your fruit bowl to keep it looking colorful and fresh for longer.

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