The best way to warm up is with one of these traditional Thai soup dishes! You can't go wrong with any one of these fantastic soups, whether it's curry, pumpkin, or ramen.
10 Best Traditional Thai Soup Recipes You'll Ever Have

10 Authentic Thai Soup Recipes

This year, forget the Pad Thai; all you'll want to cook is one of these insanely delicious Thai soups.

I'll admit that during the winter months, I occasionally get into a soup rut and almost always resort to the same tried-and-true recipes.

However, not this year!

Instead, because these soups are so vibrant, flavorful, and enticing, I'll be ripping out the chilis and loading up on ginger and lemongrass.

Although not all of them are hot, you can easily change the majority of these to your preferences.

Let's start now.


1. Thai Red Curry Vegetable Soup

The chilies used are the sole actual distinction between green curry and red curry.

It won't surprise you to learn that fresh green chilies are used to make green curry, whilst dried red chilies are used to make red curry.

Red Thai curry is often a little hotter since those dried red chilis actually pack quite a punch.

One cup of this substantial soup will keep you filled for the entire day.

You can add any other vegetables you wish, and it is loaded with sweet potatoes, bak choy, and rice vermicelli noodles.


2. Thai Pumpkin Soup

This soup is for individuals who love a warm cup of silky smooth soup.

In contrast to traditional pumpkin soup recipes, which are laden with cinnamon and nutmeg, this dish is flavored with cilantro, ginger, and other distinctive Thai spices.

This is entirely vegan because coconut milk is called for in the recipe, and I advise that it stay that way.

You could, of course, substitute ordinary cream, but I prefer the faint sweetness that comes from the nutty coconut.


3. Thai Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup

During the lengthy months when pumpkin is not in season, sweet potato and carrots are the ideal substitutes. Pumpkin is great when it is in season.

The red curry paste and lime juice in this dish, which give traditional flavors a modern twist, are a few of the distinctions between it and the recipe above.

This soup is considerably more appetizing and colorful in my opinion.

Not to add that preparing small carrots and sweet potatoes is far simpler than preparing a large pumpkin!


4. Thai Green Curry Chicken Soup

Thai Green Curry Chicken Soup is the first item in our balanced bowl.

This soup is loaded with hot Thai green curry paste, as you have already guessed.

It does get more mellow because it is combined with chicken stock and coconut milk, though.

The combination of the broccoli, green onions, cilantro, mushrooms, fresh garlic, and ginger makes this soup not only flavorful but also incredibly nourishing.

If you use veggie stock and soy sauce, this is an excellent vegan Thai soup (instead of fish sauce).

Or why not add some chicken to the mixture for an increase in protein?


5. Tom Yum Soup

Fantastic hot and sour soup tom yum is available with a clear broth or a creamier finish.

The taste of the transparent soup is cleaner, and the flavor of the shrimp is considerably stronger.

To increase the heat and provide another layer of flavor to go with the shrimp, the creamy version includes chili paste and evaporated/coconut milk.

Making the broth is the first step, and it calls for shrimp heads and shells, garlic, chile, lemongrass, and kaffir lime leaves, all of which you can likely buy at your neighborhood Asian grocery.

Add the remaining ingredients after straining, then simmer until the prawns turn pink.


6. Thai Pork Ramen

In the past month, I've made this six times, and it never gets boring.

The flavorful broth and soothing noodles go amazingly well with the soft shred pork.

There is one thing to keep in mind: the recipe specifies "cooked shredded pork," which we don't always have on hand.

And if we do, the BBQ sauce typically covers it.

With chicken stock, soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil, brown sugar, and fresh ginger, I made the pulled pork according to this recipe.

When it first came out, I kept the most for my ramen, but part of it was fantastic after I added BBQ sauce. Particularly the ginger was a welcome change.


7. Khao Tom Thai Rice Soup Recipe

This dish is the ideal short cut if cooking a pork shoulder sounds like too much labor on a lazy Sunday.

With ingredients like shallots, lemongrass, garlic, fish sauce, salt, lime juice, cilantro, and chili, it is equally tasty.

Additionally, because the rice cooks in the broth, it just requires one pot and is quite quick.

The best part is that ground pork is used in its place and is added right to the hot broth.

It cooks quickly when you break it apart with a spoon.


8. Wicked Thai Chicken Soup

You've probably noticed that the majority of these soups contain a variety of vegetables and noodles in addition to the broth, making them more akin to stews.

It offers you so much more to look forward to in terms of taste and texture, which is something I adore about these recipes.

Including chicken, mushrooms, peppers, and a big portion of boiled rice for extra heft, this soup is no exception.


9. Southern Thai Gaeng Som Recipe (Sour Spicy Fish Curry)

Most of us probably have a bag of white fish in the freezer that is begging to be used.

Please try this amazing Thai soup instead of those boring old fish sticks!

You don't need to search the counter for barramundi; you can use any fish at all.

Try substituting bean sprouts or carrots for green papaya if you can't locate it, like I couldn't.

The unripe papaya is just added for the crunch because it is essentially flavorless.


10. Authentic Ruam Mit Recipe

The ingredients for the sweet soup dessert known as ruam mit are unknown.

It might be served with water chestnuts, sweet potatoes, corn, or jackfruit, depending on where you order it.

The base is typically coconut milk with pandan leaves flavoring, which is very popular in many Thai desserts, though it can vary from place to place.

The flavor of pandan leaves is grassy, sweet, and vanilla-like, with a hint of coconut.

They are possibly accessible online or at your neighborhood Asian market.

Since there are numerous ingredients in this dish, it is preferable to start when you have several hours to spend on preparation.

In the end, when you see all those lovely hues, it will be worthwhile.


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