Get ready to transform your life with these ground turkey soup recipes. Although that may be a slight exaggeration, they are absolutely excellent!
15 Ground Turkey Soup Recipes (Genuine Voted Selection)

15 Yummiest Ground Turkey Soup Recipes

A lean, mean, hunger-suppressing machine is ground turkey! And it's underappreciated, to be perfectly honest.

These ground turkey soup recipes are warm, cozy, and insanely delicious as soon as you take a spoonful.

Additionally, they're great if you're looking for low-fat meals that will keep you full for a long time.


Turkey Cheeseburger Soup

With its savory, meaty, and delightfully cheesy finish, it is delectable, slurpable, and tastes like a cheeseburger.

For more flavor and cheeseburger bliss, add a tablespoon each of mustard and ketchup.

To make the burger experience complete, serve on fresh buns. Yum!


Ground Turkey and Veggie-Loaded Soup

You'll undoubtedly enjoy this soup if you enjoy beef and vegetables.

This soup is wonderfully stuffed with vegetables, including tomatoes, onions, carrots, potatoes, peas, and zucchini. The name says it all.

You could also add kale or spinach for more green goodness. Well-seasoned and quite filling.

It is ideal for a cool night when you're in need of something cozy.


Easy Ground Turkey Rice Soup

This is a must-make if you prefer heartier soups and stews. It's thick and meaty with a delightful hint of creaminess.

It's incredibly nourishing because it's loaded with vegetables and lean ground turkey.

It is also dairy-free since a dash of almond milk adds a touch of richness.

Speaking of, this dish is devoid of dairy and gluten. This makes it perfect for allergy sufferers.


Ground Turkey Soup with Vegetables and Pasta

This delectable dish resembles a combination between chicken noodle soup and chili.

It combines the ground beef and beans of chili with the delicious broth and noodles of chicken noodle soup.

Every spoonful contains plenty of juicy chunks of ground turkey along with vegetables like spinach and carrots.


Turkey and Kale Soup

This soup with turkey and greens is incredible.

It has everything you could ever desire in a soup, including tender vegetables, juicy meat, herbs, and a rich broth.


Ground Turkey Taco Soup

If you're getting tired of the usual Taco Tuesday menu, try this soup.

It is absolutely tasty and includes succulent beef, tomatoes, chunky beans, and all the strong taco characteristics.

The toppings, however, are the finest part!

Add whatever you'd like, including avocados, cilantro, sour cream, tortilla chips, lettuce, olives, and salsa!


One-Pot Turkey Lasagna Soup

This dish could be referred to as "One-pot Turkey Lasagna Soup."

But I think saying "Lazy Liquid Lasagna" is far more entertaining! And it actually has a lasagna flavor.

Of course, this dish just needs a small amount of work. And I'm okay with it! Because nothing beats quick, delectable dinners that everyone will enjoy.

Serve this with a Caesar salad and cheesy garlic bread.


Italian Wedding Soup with Turkey Meatballs

Interestingly, there is no connection between this soup and marriages. Instead, the mouthwatering combination of flavors is where it gets its name.

I appreciate this updated version of the conventional dish, which generally calls for pork, leafy greens, and Acini de Pepe (a type of pasta).

Pasta, meat, and lush vegetables remain in the contemporary version. But in order to make it incredibly filling, you'll also add cheese tortellini.


Ground Turkey Chili

This ground turkey chili is perfect for feeding a large group.

It is quite thick, strong, and spicy. Plus, nobody will be able to tell that it doesn't include a lot of meat because it tastes precisely like your favorite chili.

Don't forget to add your favorite chili toppings and the side of cornbread!


Turkey White Bean Chili

Try this smokey chili if you want your chili on the milder side. Despite being creamy and light, it is yet warm and calming. This chili is meant for summer, whereas the previous one is meant for fall.


Pesto Turkey Tortellini Soup

With the help of this soup made with tortellini, turkey, and pesto, you may travel to the Italian seaside.

This soup is filled with tons of healthy green food, meat, and pasta, just like the Italian wedding soup.

However, this recipe uses pesto's herbaceousness to get the recipe's green color rather than leafy greens.

Additionally, the pesto's excellent flavor, which includes salty, cheesy, and nutty undertones, is added.

All that's left to do is grab some crusty bread and a bottle of wine.


Turkey Meatball Soup

What about chicken noodle soup do you like best?

Is it the flavorful soup, the wonderful, tender meat, or the silky, chewy noodles?

Since this turkey meatball soup contains it all, it doesn't really matter what you prefer.


Turkey Wild Rice Soup

This soup should be right up your alley if you enjoy creamy, flavorful dishes. Each mouthful is lavish and fulfilling.

The similarity between chicken and turkey wild rice soups ends there. The meat is obviously where the difference is.

If you have any turkey breast leftover, you can use it. But I prefer ground turkey because it's inexpensive, simple to make, and you can season it further.

It also feels more filling for some reason. So, whatever you decide to cook, I'm sure you'll adore it!


Turkey Cabbage Soup

Like an egg roll in a bowl, this soup!

Delicious beef, cabbage, carrots, sesame, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, and onions are all abundant in this dish.

Add a little Sriracha for heat if you prefer. Fragrant and flavorful.

In either case, you'll want to slurp up every last bit of this delicious soup.


Crockpot Turkey Soup

The turkey soup in the Crock Pot is simple to prepare and delicious.

Everything may be simply added to the slow cooker, then let to cook all day. Chopping the vegetables is the only challenging aspect.

You'll have a substantial and tasty soup after a few hours. Finish with some coconut milk for a delectably creamy taste.

There is a part in this recipe that describes how to prepare this with ground turkey, but chicken also works.

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