Looking for the finest curry-friendly side dishes? These delectable foods, including coconut rice, chutney, and naan bread, are the ideal complement to your curry feast!
14 Must-Try 5-Star Side Dishes for Curry

14 Tastiest Side Dishes for Curry

Looking for the greatest curry-friendly side dishes? These delectable foods, including coconut rice, chutney, and naan bread, are the ideal complement to your curry feast!

I enjoy a good curry, regardless of how sweet or spicy, how meaty or how veggie-heavy it is.

Fried Rice and Naan Bread with Spicy Curry

However, I struggle with knowing what to serve with curry. My side dishes are typically... well, rice most of the time.

But there are a ton more delectable choices available!

I'm going to share 14 of the best side dishes for curry with you today. Let's start a meal!


1. Roti Recipe

This recipe is an excellent substitute if you'd rather not worry about working with yeast. While roti is a flatbread as well, it will be significantly less fluffy and thinner than naan.

Similar to naan, you must knead this dough for roughly 10 minutes until it is homogeneous and smooth.

You can knead and divide the roti into desired portions after a brief 30-minute break.

Once it is the proper thickness, flatten it with your hands or a rolling pin, and cook it over a dry pan until it puffs up.


2. Aloo Gobi

This meal is a beautiful, tasty accompaniment to simple rice. And it's a lot more rewarding. It's gently spicy, loaded with potato and cauliflower, and excellent for vegans.

This may be prepared in a single skillet and is substantial enough to serve as a main meal.

Use ground ginger and turmeric instead of the fresh spices if you can't find them. And alter the amount of chili flakes to your personal taste in heat.


3. Raita (Indian Yogurt and Cucumber Condiment)

I must have a palate cleanser on the table because I genuinely love Indian food and enjoy it spicy.

This yogurt is the ideal way to break up the heat and give your tongue a welcome break.

This is something I prefer to prepare ahead of time and keep on hand for samosas and chicken biryani, among other dishes.



4. Creamy Cucumber Salad

Every meal we consume should have a great deal of texture. Many Indian dishes have a texture that is on the softer side, and I find that I crave some crunch

This cucumber salad is a healthy and energizing substitute for making a batch of samosas when I don't always have the time or resources to do so.

With its creamy dressing and mild cucumber flavor, it can serve as a palette cleanser much like the raita mentioned above.


5. Avocado Salsa

Similar to the minty chutney from earlier, the richness of this delicious avocado salsa will serve to temper some of the heat.

If at all feasible, use fresh jalapenos because they will enhance the Indian flavor of your dish. Additionally, I would probably add a dash or two of cumin.


6. Easy Light Coconut Rice

Dinner will be easy, light coconut rice, followed by dessert. Light and simple coconut rice

One of my favorite methods for cooking rice is this one. Simply by substituting coconut milk for the water in the recipe, you can easily create a dish that is both tasty and light.

I enjoy preparing a larger quantity and using this coconut rice in different meals. With pineapple chicken and Mongolian beef, it tastes fantastic.


7. Easy Naan Bread

I'll always be happy to have this traditional flatbread at my table.

I prefer to use this fluffy bread to sop up any sauce that is left over, whether it is slathered in garlic butter or packed with coconut and raisins.

This dough just requires one rise even though it is yeast-based. This dish can be prepared an hour in advance and will still be hot and delicious when served for supper.

For naan, I prefer to use my cast iron pan since the direct heat better cooks the bread and gives it those black areas. However, you can also bake your naan.


8. Mint Chutney

I became interested in Indian food because of its eye-catching hues. It's difficult to resist a table piled high with meats, lentils, sauces, chutneys, and samosas.

This recipe includes coriander, green chilis, garlic, and lemon juice in addition to mint.

It gives your rice, curry, or grilled meat such a bright touch.


9. Easy Samosa Recipe

Samosas are a fantastic appetizer and side dish that are typically cooked with a spicy potato stuffing.

Although it saves so much time, I keep meaning to attempt making the wonton wrappers from scratch.

Once the potatoes are cooked, you should slightly, but not fully, mash them. With the onion and peas, you'll want something with some texture.


10. Mango Lassi

This is one of my favorite desserts from India, although not all of their cuisine is savory. Mangoes are my absolute favorite fruit, and I eat them all year long.

However, turning it into a milkshake is a brilliant idea. If you want to avoid dairy, you can use coconut cream or Greek yogurt to add a wonderful protein boost.

It's also wonderful without any spice, though I like to add a tiny bit of cinnamon or cardamom.


11. Perfect Jeera Rice

I feel as though I don't love my rice sufficiently. This recipe calls for rinsing the rice several times and soaking it for 30 minutes, which I often forget to do.

However, the secret to making this rice tasty is toasting the spices in the seasoned butter before adding the rice.

Rice will immediately absorb the intense taste and oils from the spices after they have been cooked. It is impenetrable!


12. Vegetable Pakoras

These seasoned Indian chickpea fritters have every crispy component you could ask for. Using chickpea flour gives food a flavor all its own.

Given that it is now readily available in the majority of supermarket stores, I wouldn't advise missing it.

You should cut the potatoes quite thin because it contains potatoes to ensure they cook all the way through.

Work in batches when frying to prevent crowding the oil and drastically lowering the temperature.


13. Onion Bhajis

Although the recipe isn't particularly inventive, onion bhajis are just so good! I'll give in!

As you coat the onions, the batter, which initially appears rather thick, will begin to thin out. To allow them to fry in the oil, they must be very thinly cut.

Do not crowd the pan, just as you would with pakoras. Cook in batches until golden brown and crispy, a few minutes on each side.


14. Beet Salad with Arugula and Balsamic Vinaigrette

Although a salad might not be your first choice to accompany a curry, it goes incredibly well with some of the drier Indian foods.

This salad can hold its own against even the spiciest of kebabs, unlike many Indian dishes that are served without a bowl of sauce!



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