Find the top Philly cheesesteak sides to go with your sandwich by using the search bar. You can't go wrong with these ideal pairings, which include creamy milkshakes and crispy french fries.
10 Sides That Goes Amazingly With Philly Cheesesteak

12 Best Philly Cheesesteak Sides

In my home, Philly cheesesteaks are frequently consumed.

How can you refuse soft bread stuffed with succulent steak, juicy bell peppers, caramelized onions, and salty cheese?

It's so delicious and filling that it can be eaten by itself.

But I will confess that serving the same food over and over again might grow monotonous. Serve it with a straightforward yet tasty side dish as a solution!

These recipes are here to help if you feel like your weeknight meals are becoming routine.

A Philly cheesesteak has never tasted better than it does with these sides.


1. Potato Wedges

Just like fries, but thicker are potato wedges! Potatoes increase fun, naturally.

Additionally, thicker slices have a softer and fluffier interior.

On the outside, they are still equally crunchy and snappy, creating a lovely tactile contrast.

The flavor is equally compelling. These wedges are spiced with pepper, paprika, and powdered garlic and onion.

Powdered seasonings are my favorite because they provide so much flavor with little extra work.

You can at least find consolation in the fact that the wedges are baked rather than fried, making them healthier for you. If you ask me, they're also worth every calorie.

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2. Fried Okra

Okra used to make me angry. I've converted ever since I discovered this recipe.

You should not be concerned with that with this dish if, like me, you detest that slimy, slippery consistency.

Let me introduce you to this ridiculously delicious southern side dish, fried okra, if you've never had it.

I promise you won't be able to tell it's made with okra because it's so delicious.

Fried okra has a crisp outside and a tender interior, just like any other deep-fried food. The side dish's unusual texture is further enhanced by the cornmeal batter.

It also has a great saltiness, which is all anything really needs to be addicting. One taste is all it takes to hook you.

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3. Onion Rings

Another timeless song for you, then! Although a Philly cheesesteak already contains onions, onion rings provide a nice crunch.

With the soft bread and tender meat, it makes a lovely contrast.

Moreover, when cooked properly, there is truly no such thing as too many onions.

This dish uses batter that has been flavored with beer to cover onion rings, making them even more addicting.

Put an end to mushy onion rings! This straightforward method will produce a light, airy, crispy batter.

These guys are dangerously addictive, therefore I advise you to quadruple the recipe.

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4. Coleslaw

A substantial meal should always be paired with something light and refreshing. Coleslaw is always the first side to come to mind when thinking of such sides.

Nothing beats a creamy, cool, and crisp coleslaw. It's such a straightforward recipe—shredded cabbage, carrots, and mayonnaise—but it's also a work of art.

Philly cheesesteaks and coleslaw go along beautifully. Its crispiness and sweetness go so well with the sandwiches.

But I believe that the contrast between heat and cold is what really distinguishes this combination.

The temperature difference is such a fantastic, taste-tingling sensation!

The best part is that coleslaw is quite simple to make. You can make coleslaw with only three ingredients that will rival KFC in taste and quality.

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5. Potato Chips

A good ol' bag of chips is always there if you're feeling a bit too lazy. These crunchy, salty snacks go perfectly with Philly cheesesteaks.

There are many different brands and tastes to pick from, but you should only use those that go well with Philly cheesesteaks.

Sea salt and vinegar, cheese, and barbecue are all excellent choices.

You can just open your preferred bag of chips, but creating your own will add even more flavor to your meal.

You'll also have more control over the ingredients in your chips if you do it that way.

You won't have to be concerned about unpronounceable components getting into your system if you make your own chips.

For instance, you just need three ingredients for this recipe: potatoes, salt, and oil.

You can eat all the crunchy, crisp chips you want without feeling guilty.

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6. Cookies and Cream Milkshake

A milkshake and a Philly cheesesteak: is there anything more decadent? The definition of comfort food is this pairing!

You can only imagine how amazing a cookies and cream milkshake will be given how decadent a typical vanilla milkshake already is!

You should save this cocktail for a special occasion because it is really wicked, especially when combined with Philly cheesesteaks.

This recipe is a delicious knockoff of the Chick-fil-A cookies and cream milkshake.

Additionally, it just requires the four ingredients milk, vanilla, ice cream, and Oreo cookies. To make them, simply give your blender a few pulses. There is no easier way to put it.

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7. Root Beer Float

A root beer float is another decadent thirst-quencher, much like a milkshake.

This dessert-and-drink combo is a delicious accompaniment to a Philly cheesesteak. It's the ideal beverage to accompany such a filling and flavorful sandwich!

The mix of root beer and ice cream is also something absolutely remarkable. The Coke is made incredibly velvety by the ice cream.

Consider it a soda shake.

The best part is that it can be made in just a few seconds.

You may just pour root beer over ice cream and call it a day, or you can dress it up by adding cherries and whipped cream on top. In either case, it will be fantastic.

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8. Fried Pickles

I truly can't say no to anything fried in oil, including pickles, potatoes, onions, and okra. Don't dismiss the concept just yet!

You won't believe how good fried pickles taste. Fried pickles are a traditional southern side dish that go well with just about any entrée, much like okra.

There is nothing to adore about this dish, not even the sweet, tangy, and crunchy pickles or the crispy golden batter.

The degree to which they are addicting can surprise you. They are popular during gatherings and always among the first to vanish.

And sure, a Philly cheesesteak goes incredibly well with them. They offer a wonderful texture and flavor contrast.

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9. French Fries

This one should be obvious. Any dinner would taste wonderful with French fries as a side dish. Not an exception are Philly cheesesteaks.

With any sandwich, French fries are a perfect complement because of their crunchy, salty flavor. Burgers and fries are a traditional food pairing for the same reason.

The fact that French fries are so simple to make is another fantastic thing about them. You can pick from a wide variety of cooking techniques as well.

You'll always get crisp, crunchy, golden fries whether you use a deep fryer, an oven, or an air fryer.

Since this specific recipe employs the oven method, you won't have to be concerned about too much grease.

Additionally, it has a deliciously spicy Cajun seasoning. The added kick provides a tasty contrast to the sandwich's umami-heavy flavor.

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10. Avocado Fries

Use avocados in place of potatoes to give the traditional French fries a creative touch. You'll enjoy avocado fries, they are a thing.

I found it strange that avocados could be deep-fried. I was concerned that because avocados are already so rich, they might be overbearing.

Boy, was I mistaken! The breading provides the perfect flavor balance by balancing out the fruit's richness.

The contrast between the crunchy coating and the creamy avocado is particularly pleasing.

For this dish, choose avocados that are firm. They withstand breading and frying better.

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