These German potato dishes, which range from the traditional potato salad to bacon-stuffed fried potatoes, are sure to please the whole family! Happy eating, yes!
10 Best German Potato Recipes Packed With The Yummiest Flavour

10 Popular German Potato Recipes

These delicious German potato recipes make the ideal side dish (or main entrée) and are bursting with flavor.

Did you know that Germany ranks among the top 10 countries in the world for potato harvesting? Other than sausage, Germany has a lot of expertise with potatoes!

These German potato recipes will undoubtedly be served at your upcoming holiday gathering or weeknight supper. They range from substantial potato soup, fried potatoes (with bacon! ), and traditional German potato salad.

Nothing goes better with German potatoes than a dab of sour cream, so get that stuff ready.

Good appetite!


German Potato Salad

Traditional potato salad in America includes mayo, celery, eggs, and mustard. In Germany, the potato salad varies depending on which region you are in.

This warm German potato salad is from Bavaria and is smoky and somewhat acidic. Instead of mayo and eggs, it uses vinegar, bacon, and bacon drippings.

It makes a fantastic side dish and is best served warm!



Although it may be challenging to say (brat-kah-toff-len), it is simple to put together in a hurry! The German dish bratkartoffein, which means "fried potatoes," includes lots of bacon and fragrant herbs.

The bitter and somewhat sweet flavor profile of caraway seeds and marjoram is the ideal complement to the richness of potatoes and bacon.

In Germany, this meal is frequently served with fried eggs, crisp greens, and pickles. It complements the main course beautifully, but it also tastes fantastic on its own as a full meal.


German Fried Potatoes

Are you seeking for a simple side dish to make quickly? German fried potatoes are simple to make and only need a few ingredients.

The preparation time is shortened in half if you have leftover boiled potatoes! Every component of this dish—made with just potatoes, bacon, and onion—stands out on its own.

The potatoes are incredibly flavorful when fried in bacon drippings because they are rich, soft, and delicious.

You can substitute butter for the bacon if you don't have any bacon or want to keep the recipe vegetarian. Butter makes potatoes golden and irresistible even without bacon.


German Potato Dumplings

Kartoffelkloesse, also known as German potato dumplings, are adorable little potato balls that contain a tasty surprise inside!

Consider these tasty potato balls to be the pinnacle of twice-baked potatoes. Fill each potato with a mixture of fried bacon and croutons for a blast of salty sensations as the hidden surprise inside.

The remaining bacon and crouton filling should be placed on top of each excellent potato ball, and brown butter should be drizzled on top.

It tastes well with sausage or a green salad as an appetizer, a main dish, or a side dish.


German Potato Soup

Germany's version of chicken noodle soup is Kartoffelsuppe, sometimes referred to as German potato soup.

If you're looking for the best comfort meal to get you through the winter, try this dish. perhaps a Wednesday.

Butter, double cream, and a hint of lemon zest lift all the robust flavors, giving it an unbelievably creamy texture.

Along with potatoes, it also contains carrots, celery, onion, and garlic, as well as other robust root vegetables.

This ridiculously full soup goes well with grilled sandwiches or crusty bread as a complete supper.

Just before serving, garnish with fresh spring onions for more color and vibrant herbal flavors.


Potato Pancakes

German potato pancakes are so adaptable that you can eat them for dessert or as a savory side dish with sausage.

It combines egg, onion, and potatoes that have been shreds and drained of excess moisture. It is then fried until golden and delicious.

As a savory side dish, add some sour cream or Greek yogurt to the top of each pancake. A slice of prosciutto can even be added to the dish to give more protein and saltiness.

For dessert, sprinkle your potato pancakes with powdered sugar or serve them with applesauce and fresh fruit.

The fact that these potato pancakes can be made in under 30 minutes is their best feature. They are the ideal, fail-safe last-minute side dish.


German Boiled Potatoes With Butter and Parsley

At your next potluck or holiday gathering, these boiled German potatoes will impress.

They add rich buttery and aromatic herb flavors to meals and are easy to make (no arduous chopping is needed).

This recipe's simplicity is what makes it so excellent. Peeled, entire potatoes should be boiled in salted water before being tossed in a buttery herb sauce. I'm done now!

It's a dish that comes together quickly and has an outstanding appearance.


German Potato Soup with Vienna Sausages

Vienna sausages give the traditional German potato soup a spicy bite of salty sausage.

The hearty herbs, hearty vegetables, and smoky bacon found in a typical German potato soup are all included in this recipe.

The addition of diced Vienna sausage boosts the soup's protein value while adding a punch of meaty tastes and saltiness.

What's best? The shelf life of Vienna sausages is up to five years, and they are reasonably priced (so you will never be without them).



Germany's version of gnocchi is called schupfnudeln. It is highly addicting and resembles a cross between potato noodles and dumplings.

For a noodle-like consistency that is the ideal vehicle for sweet or savory ingredients, combine mashed potatoes with flour and egg.

Your potato noodles should be cut into long strips and boiled until wonderful and soft. Fry in a pan with a little butter and top with fresh herbs to amp up the flavour.

Skip the herbs and combine the buttery potato noodles with a sprinkle of cinnamon, sugar, or applesauce for a sweet delight.


German Sauerkraut and Potato Balls

Without sauerkraut, a German cooking celebration is not complete! They resemble traditional sauerkraut balls but are enhanced by potatoes.

Instead of using plain sauerkraut, combine it with mashed potatoes, caraway seeds, and black pepper.

Breadcrumbs give them a crunch, and they fry up golden and delectable.

Even though they're excellent on their own, you may enhance the flavors by adding your preferred dipping sauces.


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