These crab pasta dishes will not be able to be refused by seafood aficionados. Crab and pasta go together in anything from linguine to gnocchi to lasagna!
10 Easy Crab Pasta Recipes That'll make you say "Mamma Miaaa"

10 Quick and Easy Crab Pasta Recipes

With these crab pasta dishes, you may add oceanic flavors to bland meals.

You'll find something you'll enjoy, from hearty casseroles to fiery dishes and tomato-rich pleasures.

You'll undoubtedly like the meaty, rich flavors that these great recipes deliver.

Your taste buds will be in a frenzy from the way it tastes with spaghetti and sauce.

Pasta with tomatoes and crab sauce

A great source of vitamins, proteins, and good fats is crab flesh.

It's delicious and packed with essential nutrients that your body needs for wellbeing.

These recipes will wow whether you're hosting a formal dinner or a casual get-together!


1. Seafood Gnocchi With White Wine Sauce

The ultimate treat is white wine-sauteed seafood gnocchi.

The gnocchi are pillow-soft, delectable morsels that melt in your tongue.

White wine is blended into the delicate, creamy sauce that tops these fluffy little treats.

Each bite is incredibly filling thanks to the shrimp and crab meat that are packed inside.

This dish's tastes will make you feel as though you just ate at a high-end restaurant.


2. Seafood Fra Diavlo

This recipe for seafood Fra Diavolo will spice up your weeknight meals!

Literally meaning "fellow devil," "Fra Diavolo" is as fiery as they come.

It has a tomato-based sauce with flavorful seasonings and hot chili peppers.

The seafood combination in this dish, however, is what will truly impress and satisfy you.

It is the utmost seafood feast including clams, crab meat, sea scallops, and shrimp.

The powerful flavors will make your palate jump whenever you take a bite.

Serve it with a glass of wine and have pleasure in it.


3. Crab Spaghetti With Lemon Gremolata

You want something tasty and light for your spaghetti.

That's why this crab spaghetti with lemon gremolata is ideal.

This spaghetti recipe stands out thanks to the flavorful lemon gremolata that is added.

It has a zesty, herbaceous deliciousness that pairs perfectly with the mild crab.

Every bite of this dish is delightful because the flavors adhere to the spaghetti so wonderfully.


4. Easy Seafood Lasagna

Are you planning a relaxed gathering with family and friends? If so, you should serve this simple seafood lasagna.

It features layers of pasta, cheese, and sauce baked with all of your favorite seafood flavors.

Everyone will want to eat more because of the subtle, umami flavor that the seafood brings to the dish.

The best part is that you may use any seafood you have on hand.

Salmon, crabmeat, scallops, and shrimp all work well in this recipe. Go crazy!

Despite the dish's simplicity, it has an extraordinary flavor.


5. Buttery Crab Pasta

Make this buttery crab pasta if you want a big dish of comfort.

When you take your first bite of this dish, you'll likely feel as though you're dreaming. All at once, it tastes rich, creamy, buttery, and meaty.

It's a culinary symphony made of crab meat, tomatoes, herbs, and lemon.

Additionally, it contains butter and parmesan cheese, which give it a slight smoothness.

The flavor is outstanding. You'll become addicted to delicious crab spaghetti after just one bite!


6. Authentic Venetian Crab Linguine

This Venetian crab linguine will transport you to Italy without leaving your house!

This delectable meal combines tomatoes' juicy flavor with the delicate, umami-rich crab.

It has a delicious tomato sauce cooked with white wine and olive oil.

The sauce is a rich, savory treat that perfectly coats each strand of pasta.

The perfume of crab, tomatoes, and garlic filling the air will make you swoon, I promise.

The temptation to savor a plate of delicious Venetian crab linguine is too strong to resist.


7. Crab Fettuccine Alfredo

You know why I adore crab fettuccine Alfredo, right? It's excellent and quite easy to make.

Fresh crab flesh goes perfectly with the creamy sauce.

It is just the proper amount of rich and has a restaurant-like flavor.

The Alfredo sauce is creamy, buttery, and a little spicy.

Thanks to its silky richness, it adheres to the pasta excellently.

Not only that, but you'll adore how simple it is to make as well!

You can prepare one of the tastiest meals you've ever had in just 30 minutes.


8. Creamy Seafood Pasta Bake

A dinner for any season is a creamy seafood pasta bake. If you want to introduce your family to the joys of seafood, this recipe is ideal.

White wine is infused into the cream sauce to enhance its flavor.

Additionally, it contains parmesan cheese, which gives the dish a special cheesy flavor.

A protein boost is provided by the shrimp, scallops, and crabmeat, and the combination of tastes is fantastic.

Trust me, even picky diners who often avoid seafood will adore this recipe!


9. Crab Pasta Salad

The ideal food for your upcoming summer get-together is this spaghetti salad. It is flavorful, satisfying, fresh, and light.

The rich, meaty crab meat pairs perfectly with the creamy Italian dressing.

It is served with wonderfully al dente pasta, crunchy vegetables, and salty olives.

The sweetness, umami deliciousness, and creaminess in this pasta salad are perfectly balanced.

You'll be tempted to go for a fork and start eating immediately!

It can be prepared in only 20 minutes and is ideal for any situation.


10. Creamy Seafood Stuffed Shells

Do you want to serve a hearty pasta meal on chilly days? Look no further than these shells filled with creamy seafood!

They are wonderfully cheesy and oh-so-creamy. They have a similar texture to a pasta embrace.

You'll need pasta shells, various cheeses, and seafood for this meal.

You can use any seafood kind. I adore lobster, crab, and shrimp.

And get this: cream cheese, parmesan, mozzarella, and heavy cream are used to make the sauce!

To balance the rich flavors, it is spiced with Italian herbs and white wine.

Just wait until you taste it if your mouth isn't already watering!


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