These recipes for peach salad are sure to please! Avocados, basil, and berries are just a few of the delicious salad ingredients that go well with peaches.
10 Peach Salad Recipes To Make Every Night in a week

10 Best Peach Salad Recipes

Peaches are a beautiful addition to salads and pair well with many other cuisines.

They have a delicious vinaigrette flavor and deliver a mouthwatering juicy fruit flavor.

Try these peach salad ideas if you're bored with your lunchtime salad routine.

You won't ever return to your standard monotonous lunchtime meal.

You'll fall in love with these recipes for peach salad, I promise.


1. Grilled Peach Salad with Goat Cheese and Sweet Honey Balsamic Dressing

Throw a few sliced peaches on the grill while you're outside cooking burgers and ribs!

The best way to tuck in a little smokey flavor to any dish is to grill fruit.

These peaches have an unrivaled flavor from caramelization.

Include them in your salad along with fresh blueberries and candied curry pecans. Summer screams from this salad.

The honey vinaigrette is the ideal balance of sweet and sour in a dressing.

To add a nice finishing touch and contrast, add some creamy goat cheese or avocado.

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2. Grilled Peach Salad with Berries

Try this grilled peach and berry salad while the grill is still burning.

When peaches are grilled, their inherent sweetness is properly accentuated.

Additionally, the charred and caramelized fruit pieces are amazing.

Warm peaches should be mixed with ripe blueberries and blackberries.

Add some sweet pecans and salty feta before seasoning everything with balsamic vinegar.

This savory salad looks best on a plain bed of mixed greens. This will go over well at your upcoming event.

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3. Peach Salad with Feta

One salad that is nutritious, balanced, and delicious is made with sweet peaches and salty feta.

This dish is dotted with bits of juicy tomatoes and fresh peaches. It makes the ideal side dish, quick meal, or beginning salad.

After adding some salty pine nuts and tart balsamic vinegar to the salad, garnish it.

This salad is exquisite in terms of flavors, textures, and hues.

This feta and peach salad will be a hit with all of your visitors.

For any occasion, gathering, or backyard barbeque, throw it together.

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4. Peach Salad with Grilled Basil Chicken and White Balsamic-Honey Vinaigrette

The greatest salad may have been saved for last. This is a complete meal, not just a side dish!

Make a nice chicken breast first. A straightforward and delectable marinade is made from the tastes of basil, lemon juice, and garlic.

Place it above a bed of springtime mixed lettuce that is bright green. After that, incorporate sweet corn, crisp red onion, and juicy peaches.

The goat cheese is creamy and sour, while the pecans give some crunch.

Additionally, the white balsamic vinaigrette has a ton of flavor.

Nobody will scowl at this salad's appearance or flavor.

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5. Summer Peach Spinach Salad with Avocado, Toasted Almonds + Goat Cheese

One of the most flavorful peach salads is first on this list of insanely excellent peach salads.

Dark green spinach serves as the foundation of the dish. The avocado cubes are then sprinkled on top for a healthy fat boost.

The peaches give the dish a delicious fruity flavor and juicy texture.

This salad gets a tiny amount of acidic, creamy bite from the goat cheese. Every mouthful has the crunch of toasted almonds.

The wonderful balsamic vinaigrette is eventually drizzled over this summertime peach salad.

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6. Erin’s Peach and Avocado Green Salad

The peach and avocado salad that Erin made is flavorful, zesty, and has a lovely lemon dressing.

Over a bed of brilliant arugula, there are crunchy almonds, creamy avocado, and sweet peaches.

I adore how the sharp arugula and sweet peaches contrast. They make a pretty couple.

For some crispness, add some thinly sliced onions.

Cheese would be the only thing this salad could possibly need. The finest option is tangy gorgonzola.

You'll look forward to having it all morning if you bring it to work for lunch.

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7. Fresh Peach Salad with Basil

This delicious side dish or dessert is made of fresh peaches with basil.

The ideal blend of sweet and savory is a mélange of peaches and herbs.

Juicy basil ribbons and chunks of crumbly goat cheese are combined with chunks of fresh peaches.

This salad's flavor harmony is perfect thanks to a tiny bit of honey.

The tangy cheese and fragrant basil go nicely with the juicy peaches' vivid color.

You must try this recipe if you want a fruit salad that is unlike your typical fare.

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8. Arugula Peach Salad with Honey Basil Vinaigrette

Another flavor-packed arugula recipe is this salad.

Arugula holds up well to a lot of freshly cut peaches and other delicious toppings.

The nuttiness and texture this salad needs are added by the crisp pecans.

Additionally, your bowl has flavor bombs like onions and salty feta all over it.

To make this salad even better, add a honey basil vinaigrette. It is delightfully tart, sweet, and herbaceous.

Look no farther if you want a salad you'll want to crave. Your new favorite salad will be this arugula and peach dish.

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9. Blueberry Peach Feta Salad

This fruit salad's savory spin on blueberries and peaches is guaranteed to be a winner.

Sliced cucumbers mix with juicy peach chunks and fresh blueberries.

Sweet fruit and chilly, crisp cucumber make for an amazing contrast.

By adding some basil to the mixture, you may take it to the next level. This salad is excellent.

The honey, lemon, dijon vinaigrette, and salty feta cheese also help to tie everything together. The flavors are amazing in every way.

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10. Kale and Peach Salad

A delicious salad can be made using kale and peaches.

Use a little peach salad dressing to massage the kale.

It will become really soft and make the ideal substrate for all of the toppings.

Add some chunks of creamy avocado and vibrant peach wedges.

Chickpeas and red onion both contribute taste and texture, and chickpeas also provide some protein.

This salad is flavorful and filling. It's a fantastic method to increase the amount of nutrient-rich kale in your diet.

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