Try these white asparagus dishes for a change of pace. You can't go wrong with this intriguing vegetable, whether roasted or pan-fried.
10 Best White Asparagus Recipes You Cannot Avoid

10 Best White Asparagus Recipes You Should Try

Why is white asparagus white, you may wonder?

Without getting too technical, white asparagus lacks chlorophyll-like green because it is never exposed to sunlight.

It becomes more tender and slightly sweet when used in these recipes, with similar earthy green notes.

White asparagus is slightly more expensive than green asparagus.

However, its gently sweet flavor and creamy white hue make it a must-try.

Check out these wonderfully gorgeous and delicious white asparagus dishes to spice up your side dish repertoire!


1. White Asparagus in Hollandaise Sauce with Fresh Herbs

Trust me when I say that this white asparagus dish with creamy hollandaise and spring herbs tastes as good as it looks!

The creamy, tangy hollandaise complements the somewhat sweet white asparagus nicely.

The fresh herbs give a splash of color as well as earthy tastes. It's bright and light, with savory and earthy tastes.

It complements a hearty main entrée such as steak, ham, or chicken.

This dish is so rich and filling that it even works well as a main meal!


2. Asparagus Blanc with Ham and Béarnaise Sauce

It's rich and creamy, and it works well as a side dish or a main entrée.

While white asparagus is slightly sweet, it complements delicate and salty ham well.

A simple bearnaise sauce (akin to hollandaise but with more herbal undertones) brings these rich tastes together in harmony.

Nothing nearly captures the scents of spring like this dish!

It's salty and sweet, with just enough fresh herbs to shake off the lingering winter blues.


3. Asparagus with Lemon-Dill Dressing

Lemon and dill are two of my favorite flavor combinations.

It tastes light and fresh, and these two flavors complement the delicate notes of white asparagus well.

What I like best about this dish is that it isn't overly complicated and allows the flavors of the asparagus to show through.

It comes together quickly and does not need a trip to the grocery for any special ingredients.

It's a simple side dish full of flavor but yet nutritious, with lemon, dill, and just a touch of oil.

If you want to wow your visitors at your next summer barbecue, try this dish!


4. Capers and Dill Roasted White Asparagus

White asparagus is rougher than green asparagus, especially if cooked incorrectly.

Roasting white asparagus results in a golden crispy surface and soft within with a delicious smokiness.

It's fine if it browns a little in the oven! The tastes are enhanced by the mild scorch on the exterior.

Combine delicate white asparagus with salty and nutty tastes from capers and pine nuts for an irresistible side dish.


5. White Asparagus Roasted with Chives

If you've never eaten white asparagus before, this dish is a great place to start.

It's quite easy to make and uses delicate ingredients that won't dominate the aromas of your white asparagus.

White asparagus becomes considerably softer and has char-infused sweet and smokey tastes when roasted in the oven.

It blends subtle flavors like lemon juice, chives, and olive oil.

These subtle tastes complement the sweet flavor of white asparagus without overpowering it.


6. White Asparagus with German Butter Sauce (Spargel)

White asparagus is quite popular in Germany, and the Germans know how to prepare one of their favorite springtime crops!

This meal combines substantial baby potatoes, prawns, and a sweet butter sauce to bring together all of those rich tastes.

The butter sauce incorporates shrimp and parsley for a subtly sweet, herbal sauce that complements white asparagus.


7. Wild Garlic Pan-Fried White Asparagus

It doesn't get any easier than this pan-fried white asparagus with wild garlic dish.

It comes together in just 30 minutes and infuses powerful flavors with little cooking ingredients.

White asparagus's sweetly sweet aromas complement wild garlic so wonderfully.

While ordinary garlic can suffice in a hurry, it will not impart the same tastes as wild garlic.

Wild garlic is far milder than ordinary garlic.

It features delicate green tones that complement the mildly sweet aromas of white asparagus.


8. White Asparagus (Italian Style with Tomatoes)

White asparagus in Italian style is so rich and savory that it may stand alone as a main meal!

Chopped tomatoes add a fresh acidity and a meaty texture that complements the white asparagus wonderfully.

While it's tasty and strong, the ingredient list is very brief.

It combines delicate white asparagus, canned tomatoes, olive oil, and a few basic seasonings.

It's such a hearty dish that it may serve as a main course at your next dinner party if you need a quick vegetarian option.


9. Simple White Asparagus Crêpes

Looking for something out of the ordinary to serve during brunch?

Because of the precisely cooked white asparagus, these folded crepes are salty, flavorful, and somewhat sweet.

Homemade crepes are simple to make, and you can make a large number in a short amount of time.

Fill crepes with salty ham and soft bits of white asparagus, then sprinkle with cream sauce.

While it appears to be something from a fine dining establishment, it is simple to prepare at home!


10. Spargelsuppe (Creamy White Asparagus Soup)

White asparagus soup with cream is delicate, creamy, and outrageously wonderful.

It's ideal for those unusually cold spring days when you want to eat light.

Simply replace the chicken stock with veggie stock to make this soup vegetarian. It gets its creamy texture from half-and-half and mashed white asparagus stalks.

Add the asparagus heads (the tastiest part!) to the soup just before serving to gently cook.

Adding the asparagus heads prevents them from overcooking and becoming mushy. Nobody wants mushy asparagus!


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