There are many Chinese restaurants in Mauritius to select from, from luxury places in posh neighborhoods to more moderately priced restaurants.
35 Best Chinese Restaurants in Mauritius You Must Try

Best Restaurants to Eat Chinese Food in Mauritius

Given that there are many fantastic restaurants on our island, regardless of your preferences with regard to style or price, you should be able to find something in the list of the top Chinese restaurants in Mauritius that is provided below.

1. Hong Kong Restaurant Curepipe

2. Chinese Garden Restaurant

3. Wok Inn

4. Hunans Restaurant

5. Chinese Wok Restaurant

6. Dragon D'or (Golden Dragon Restaurant)

7. China Star

8. Peking Garden

9. Asian Box

10. Wok Avenue

11. Chinese Gourmet

12. Noodle Garden

13. House of Canton

14. Les Alizés

15. Red Phoenix Restaurant

16. The City Orient Restaurant

17. Restaurant Lai Min

18. Royal Choice Restaurant

19. Saveurs De Shin

20. Restaurant Chez Manuel

21. Opium Restaurant

22. Spring Restaurant

23. First Restaurant

24. King Dragon Restaurant

25. La Jonque Restaurant

26. Oriental Express

27. Dragon Vert

28. Chopsticks

29. Cafe Shanghai

30. Fortune 8 Restaurant

31. Food Sensei

32. Apo Riviere Noire

33. Coco Snack

34. Grand Canton Restaurant

35. Ti Tonton

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