This list of the top affordable restaurants in Mauritius is ideal if you're on a tight budget and includes everything from Mine Bouillie and vegetarian food to classic steak frites.
20 Best Affordable Restaurants in Mauritius You Must Try in 2022

Affordable Places to Eat in Mauritius (Restaurants and Snacks)

Do you feel the pinch? I recognize the emotion! I've put up a guide to my favorite cheap eateries in Mauritius, which is ideal if you're on a budget too, as I strive to save every last penny before I take out on another adventure.

I'm constantly looking for the greatest affordable dining options in Mauritius!

These are the locations to go if you want to cut costs without sacrificing the quality of your food.

I hope you enjoy dining at some of my top picks for affordable restaurants in Mauritius. Oh, and please don't blame me if you gain weight. You'll at least be saving a few cents!


1. Casse Croute

2. La Marmite Mauricienne


3. Ti Kouloir

4. Robert's Food

5. Palais de Barbizon

6. Dalon

7. Pure Veg Express

8. La Bonne Fourchette snack

9. L'Oasis

10. Punjabi Dhaba PVT LTD

11. Les Alizés

12. Bhakarreea Snack

13. Se'bon Restaurant

14. The Spot Café

15. The GUJ Restaurant

16. Ti Caraye

17. Hood Kebabish

18. Café Dallas

19. Marco Polo Resto & Bar

20. La Caze Mama Resto


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