To eat in Restaurants in Mauritius are foodie's dream. Mauritius Restaurants offers it all, from Typical Mauritian Food to International food, and is the location of some of the top ever restaurants for tourists.
15 Best Dinner Restaurants in Mauritius

Best Family and Couple Dinner Place in Mauritius

Everything from traditional Mauritian food to more global and continental fare is available. Here are 20 of Mauritius's top dining restaurants.

Some of Mauritius's top restaurants may be found in Port-Louis and Grand Baie, but if you're seeking for scrumptious restaurants for dinner, it might be difficult to know where to start. Don't worry, we have got you covered for your next family or couple dinner.

These recommendations for central, north, east, south and west Mauritius eateries come from our editors themselves.


1. Escale Créole restaurant créole Ile Maurice

2. La Table du Château

3. Creole Shack (Table D’hote)

4. Blue Lagoon Cafe

5. Le Skipper Restaurant

6. Le Poivrier

7. Da Vinci's

8. Sunshine Fusion Restaurant

9. Château Mon Desir

10. Seabell Restaurant

11. Le Pescatore

12.Le Château de Bel Ombre

13. Le Bazilic

14. Roots

15. L'ananas

16. Restaurant Coolen Chez Ram

17. Sauterelle Restaurant

18. Noble House Restaurant

19. L'Atelier - Authentic Food & Selected wines

20. Cozy Burger

21. HI Taste Innovators

22. Wapalapam La Place


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