12 Mouth-Watering Biryani In Mauritius You Must Try

Biryani is an aromatic and flavorful dish that you should not miss out on when visiting India. Having said that, each seller in the country has its own distinct spin on this famous meal. Some are more tart than others, but they're all worth trying. Here are the ten best biryani in Mauritius that you should try.

1. Happy Rajah

Happy Rajah, located in Grand Baie, is the place to go if you want precisely tenderised chicken and fragrant rice cooked to perfection. You will be delighted by the taste, aroma, and richness of flavors melting into your mouth with each bite of this colorful blast of flavors.

2. Pyramid Briani, Mahebourg

Pyramid Briani is the first establishment that comes to mind when I think of the wonderful biryani in Mahebourg. It is a restaurant that primarily serves chicken biryani and kebab. You will not be sorry if you go since it is worth every money and the quantity is more than enough. They serve "briyani" with "satini pomme d'amour," which enhances the flavor. Their chicken biryani is among Mauritius' best.

3. Briani House

This restaurant is housed within the same structure as Super U in Flacq. They make delicious Briyani with vegetables, chicken, fish, or lamb. The juicy beef and flavorful rice are out of this world, and you must try them. The quantity is massive!! Furthermore, the price is reasonable and well worth it.

4. Sitar Indian Restaurant

This is the place to go if you like classic Indian biryani. Sitar Indian Restaurant is well-known for its Indian-style biryani and some of the greatest Butter Chicken in town. While you're here, don't forget to try their delectable Thali!

5. Indian Summer Restaurant

Indian Summer Restaurant is a well-known restaurant in Ebene, Mauritius. The city's best biryani and Indian Food can be found here. The restaurant itself is elegant, and the biryani served here is unquestionably delicious. It is flavorful and cooked until the chicken is soft and moist. Bring your loved ones to experience this gastronomic wonder.

6. Reza Briani Snack

A modest restaurant serving one of Terre Rouge's most popular biryanis! Reza Briani Snack features a wide range of options, from chicken briani to fried rice; one may order a feast without breaking the bank.

7. Stardeg Briani, Port Louis

This Indian restaurant in Port Louis serves some of the best briani in Mauritius (near shell station). They also make their own spices, known as Stardeg, which are widely available in supermarkets. Stardeg Restaurant has also been nominated for Best Restaurant in Port-Louis in the Mauritius Restaurant Awards, which will be held on March 27th, 2021. The chicken biryani is delicious with its "pomme de Terre" next to it... Yummm. If you enjoy biryani, Stardeg is the spot for you.

8. Briani Delights

Since 2002, it has been the first "Briyani" restaurant in Beau Bassin, serving "briyani" poulet, "Poisson," and "boeuf." You will get tasty "briyani" at a fair price; the quantity of biryani is enormous, and the meat chunks are plentiful and delicate. When it comes to delicious biryani, this restaurant is famed in Beau Bassin. The marinated beef and spices are out of this world, and you should taste them!

9. Tariq Snack

Tariq Snack is a famous biryani restaurant in the north of Mauritius. The outlet, which is located in Triolet, has been open for some years. The dish is rich and savory, with a variety of spices used. Aside from biryani, there is roasted chicken, fried rice, noodles, reverse bowl, and boulettes, all of which are satisfying and wonderful.

10. Mystic Masala

Mystic Masala is a must-see restaurant in Caudan, Port-Louis that will not let you down. The biryani keeps you coming back for more. The restaurant offers both take-out and dine-in options. The restaurant is located in Caudan Waterfront and exudes a cheerful energy. It's the ideal spot to unwind after a long day or to spend the weekend with family and friends. Enjoy your dinner while admiring the spectacular view of the Harbour.

11. Thali Express

Thali Express, located in Goodlands, serves delectable biryani among other cuisines. You'll be lucky to enjoy some biryani at this restaurant because the quality is excellent and the costs are fair. Enjoy a delicious, peaceful supper with your loved ones!

12. Pure Veg Express

Pure Veg Express is a vegetarian restaurant in Quatre-Bornes, France. This much-discussed biryani is one of the best all-vegetarian biryanis. Roasted spices are ground to add a spicy flavor to the dish.


These are our ultimate places to eat the tastiest Briyani in Mauritius.

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