If kebab is one of your best cravings then you should definitely read this article to know the best and most liked kebab we have in Mauritius.
The 10 best Kebab in Mauritius you should try
Kebab may not find its origin in Mauritius but its exotic taste surely makes them taste like a typical Mauritian food. Kebab consists of a mixture of salad, onions frilled chicken filled in a baguette then mayonnaise, ketchup, and chili sauce is filled in.
"Dipain kebab", "Pain Kebab", or just "1 bon kebab bien pima" surely is one of the most liked street food by our local people.

Behold - let's see the top-rated kebabs in Mauritius: 


10. Sen n Ken 

Sen n Ken makes it to the 10th position on our most loved Mauritian kebab list. Situated in Port-Louis, near the "La gare du Nord" the voice of Hassen Rojoa will surely draw your attention with his famous line "Ou aster 1 kebab ou gagne 1 deuxieme kebab en cado". Two kebabs for Rs 90 are worth buying if you are very hungry or you want to share with someone. 
We all know how hot it is in Port-Louis, so if you are thirsty and planning to have a Phoenix beer and some tasty gajaks, they have their restaurants on the first floor.


9. Tipo Kebab

8. Mr Kebab

On the 8th position, we have the famous dipain kebab of Port-Louis, Mr Kebab. It is situated just next to Sen n Ken. Their kebab is indeed very tasty and unique as they taste more like tandoori chicken.
If you are passing by, we do recommend you to taste their kebab. Some very friendly Bangladesh guys will be there to greet and serve you.

7. Gloria 

6. Flamingo's Grill House Goodlands

5. Ricardo - St Croix

4. Dils Kebab

3. Shah Kebab - Phoenix

2. Sheik Kebab

Anou Manzer believes that there is no big merging on the tastiest kebab between Sheik Kebab and the kebab on the number one position. No matter what Sheik Kebab will remain the favorite kebab for lots and lots of Mauritian people. The kebab will make you droll with its overpowering scent and taste. 
If you are in Curepipe or anywhere around, do not hesitate to buy from there. You will not regret it.

1. Shabaan Kebab

And the most voted, loved and yummiest kebab in Mauritius for 2021 is none other than Shabaan's Kebab. If you will ask any Mauritian people what is the tastiest Kebab they have ever tasted, the average response will be Shabaan's Kebab for sure.
Anou Manzer highly recommends everyone reading this article who has not yet eaten the kebab, just go to Quatre Bornes and have one. The route you did to travel over there will pay off easily with the satisfaction you will get from eating the kebab.
Zot pou dir Tamam sa! 
If you are a big kebab lover and have not yet eaten at any of the above places, do add it in your kebab bucket list.
Hope this will help you with your food adventure. If we have missed any of the top kebabs and you want us to try, just leave a comment below. 

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