How to make mayonnaise easily at home

Mayonnaise Recipe

You're in for a treat if you've never tried homemade mayonnaise. Homemade mayonnaise is ultra creamy and far more flavorful than store-bought varieties. You can easily make your homemade Mayonnaise within 10min and just not spend money on it.

2 egg yolks
½ teaspoon of salt
½ teaspoon of dry mustard
1 ½ teaspoon of vinegar
1 cup of olive oil
½ teaspoon of lemon juice


1) Rinse the bowl with hot water and dry well.
2) Put in the egg yolks, salt, mustard, and 1 teaspoon vinegar.
3) Beat vigorously with a whisk or at low speed on an electric mixer or in a food processor.
4) Add the oil, drop by drop, whisking continuously until a little more than ¼ cup of oil has been added.
5) Add ½ teaspoon vinegar, then very slowly pour in the remaining oil in a thin stream, whisking continually.
6) Then add the lemon juice to whiten and flavor.

Makes about 1 cup of mayonnaise.

If the oil is added too quickly, it will separate from the egg yolks. If this occurs, place another egg yolk in a clean dry bowl, slowly add the curdled mixture, drop by drop, whisking continuously until all the mixture has been added, then continue with the recipe.

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