When you go abroad, it takes time to adjust and discover new points of reference. When you arrive in Mauritius, this is the case. One of the first habits you form is knowing where to shop.
10 Cheapest Grocery Store in Mauritius

10 Affordable Supermarkets in Mauritius to save Money

That is why we provide you with several addresses for grocery shopping in Mauritius.
Mauritius has a diverse selection of supermarkets. There's no reason to panic! With French brands established in Mauritius, you will not get lost. There are also typical supermarkets for further exoticism and to experience the best of the Mauritian way of life.

1. Super U

One of the oldest supermarkets and most popular in Mauritius is none other than Super U. You will be able to shop for many types of food as well as Maurice items that are less expensive than in other stores. You will not become disoriented.
There are four Super U stores in Mauritius: Quatre Bornes, Flacq Shopping Centre, U Express Tamarin, and Grand Bay.

Super U Grand Bay

Address: Rte de la Salette, Grand Baie
Phone: 263 0502
Open Time: 9am–8:30pm, Sunday: 9am–3pm

Super U Belle Rose

Address: Route Royale, Quatre Bornes
Phone: 454 6640
Open Time: 9am–8:30pm, Sunday: 9am–3pm

Super U Flacq

Address: Avenue Président François Mitterrand, Central Flacq
Phone: 413 5752
Open Time: 9am–8:30pm, Sunday: 9am–3pm

Super U Tamarin

Address: A3, Tamarin
Phone: 484 0062
Open Time: 9am–8:30pm, Sunday: 9am–3pm

2. Intermart

Intermart is a Mauritian supermarket company. Initially independent, the chain later became an Intermarché partner. This collaboration enables Intermart to sell French products in all Intermarché outlets. You will not be confused in this supermarket, which sells brands that you may be familiar with from your time in France. What's more, they're reasonably priced!
Bagatelle, Ebène, La croisette, Beau Bassin, Curepipe, So'flo, Calodyne, and Quatre Bornes are among the eight locations in the network. So, no matter where you are, it is simple to get to Intermart to conduct your shopping.

3. Lolo Supermarket

You can acquire whatever you need at a reasonable price. There is plenty of parking. However, according to some client reports, customer service is subpar. 
Address: WHC7+PQM, B11, Morcellement St Andre
Phone: 261 6999
Open Time: 9am–8:00pm, Friday and saturday: 9am–8:30pm, Sunday: 9am–3pm
Address: WBundhoo Ln, Vacoas-Phoenix
Phone: 261 8621
Open Time: 9am–9:00pm, Sunday: 9am–5pm

4. Store 2000

In Grand Bay, Store 2000 is a typical Mauritian supermarket. This grocery sells both fresh and local products, as well as international items. Prices are generally reasonable, and the store frequently gives discounts. It is a must-have supermarket in Mauritius, where both locals and ex-pats buy.
Address: Rte de la Salette, Grand Baie
Phone: 263 6677
Open Time: 8am–8pm, Sunday: 8am–1pm

5. Winner's

Winner's supermart is a Mauritian grocery company that operates in both towns and villages and sells fresh and local items. It is one of the most popular supermarkets among Mauritian families.
In Mauritius, there are no fewer than 25 Winner's locations. And here's a bonus: they deliver all across the island and even provide a click and collect.

6. Jumbo

In Mauritius, Jumbo Supermarket is a forerunner in the realm of mass retailing. It has a variety of establishments, including hypermarkets, supermarkets, and convenience stores. Nothing could be handier than being able to do your daily shopping there! Not to mention that Jumbo stores sell Casino brand stuff, so you won't be disappointed!
Riche Terre, Moka, Curepipe, Beau Bassin, Phoenix, Quatre Bornes, and Flic en Flac are among the seven retailers in Mauritius.

7. Food Lovers Market

Food Lover's Market is a must-visit for anyone who enjoys organic food. In addition to fresh and local food, the store sells items from all over the world. The little extra: each store has a cafeteria, which is ideal for a bite to eat or a drink after shopping.
Depending on your location, three stores are available: Bagatelle, La Croisette, and Rivière Noire.

8. The London Way

Way Supermarket is one of Mauritius's oldest supermarket chains. Usually, the stores are medium-sized. They always offer a good choice at reasonable pricing.

9. The Central Market of Port-Louis

To absorb the Mauritian culture, a visit to the central market in Port-Louis is a must. It is the largest and most emblematic market on the island.
This covered market on Queen Street is open every day of the year. The wonderful aromas will mesmerize you. Nothing beats a good sensory overload!
In this market, you can find fruits and vegetables, seafood, meat, spices, and ready-to-eat products such as fried my, aloudas, or dholl puris.
All these fresh things are affordable and the quality is there. So don't hesitate to go there!

10. Save Mart

SaveMart Supermarket, which first opened its doors in 2013, is now a well-established supermarket in the Mauritius scene. It has a network of 28 branches strategically distributed throughout the island.
Supermarket SaveMart plays the proximity card by focusing on customer interactions and offering a diverse choice of fast-moving consumer items at low prices in order to satisfy all Mauritians. SaveMart's monthly special campaigns excite its customers and entice them to return for more savings.

Final Words

Not to mention that there are fruit and vegetable vendors on every street corner and roadside in Mauritius. The options are nearly limitless!
We have selected a few points of sale from among the numerous in Mauritius, although there are many more. Bakeries, butchers, cheese producers, and a variety of other shops may be found in each of the island's four corners. You will have realized that there is nothing lacking in Mauritius!
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