Pizza! Everyone craves for it, and Anoumazer heard its audience. We could not resist creating a voting platform on our pages and here we are providing you with the best pizzeria in Mauritius according to public opinion.
10 Best Pizzeria in Mauritius that you should definitely try

10 Must Try Pizza in Mauritius

 10. Pizza Perfect

According to public voting, Pizza Perfect is placed in the 10th position. Pizza Perfect is known for its authentic and traditional wood-fired pizzas, which are produced with freshly prepared dough, a high-quality tomato base, flavorful toppings, and creamy mozzarella cheese, all cooked in wood-fired clay ovens.
Select cold cuts, grilled meats, and fresh vegetables are served with flavorful sauces, and only the freshest and highest quality products are used.
Pizza Perfect's pizzas are precisely what you're searching for: a pizza topped with obscene amounts of cheese and only the finest and freshest ingredients, cooked in a traditional wood-fired oven for a nutritious and delectable meal.
On the ninth position, we have Salé Sucré.  The delicious pizzas are prepared by the owner and his wife themselves. This pizzeria based is Curepipe could surely be ranked better on our "Best pizza in Mauritius" list but unfortunately, people in Mauritius do know this place so much compare to other big commercial pizzerias. Anou Manzer highly recommends you try this place.

8. Da Vinci Pizzeria

Considered to be one of the top-rated pizzas in Port Louis. Da Vinci pizzeria has lots of great reviews from people how tasted their pizza. One of their clients said "Simply one of the best you can find in Mauritius! Awesome friendly staff! A really great pizza choice, nice restaurant, and great veg choice too!"
Da Vinci is a small family enterprise with excellent pizza and service! A great discovery as it’s a little out of the way and not likely to be encountered while going or coming to work or back! Their garlic bread too was amazing. Fresh n hot just as you would like! Pasta sauce the main killer in pasta dishes is awesome!! What is more, this place has dedicated parking so no stress there. If only they opened for lunch too. Currently open for dinner only. A must-try if in the vicinity.

7. El Mondo

The famous El Mondo, made its place in the 6th position. Enjoy their pizza with a menu that has been tailored to the Mauritian palate to ensure that every customer is satisfied. Spices and seasonings were chosen and mixed to give the pizzas a particular regional flavor, ranging from spicy to sweet to sweet and sour.
El Mondo is also distinguished by the fact that the pizzas on the menu have been modified to Mauritian preferences. Spices and ingredients were chosen and combined with local preferences in mind to give the pizzas a particular local flavor. From spicy to sweet to sweet & sour, a variety of flavors are available to satisfy every consumer.

6. Pizza Inn

Pizza Inn, one of Africa's biggest pizzeria, continues to serve the best-tasting pizza using only the freshest ingredients at the most affordable prices.
The first Pizza Inn opened in Zimbabwe in 1994, and the brand was born. Pizza Inn, as one of Africa's premier pizza companies, continues to produce the best-tasting pizza utilizing only the freshest ingredients, contributing to its success. In Zimbabwe, Kenya, Ghana, Zambia, and Mauritius, Pizza Inn has 83 locations and is one of the first choices for quick-service pizza.
Pizza Inn is a wonderful restaurant with a quiet atmosphere that serves lunch and dinner. BBQ steak, Four Seasons, Spicy Boerewors, Peri-Peri chicken, and Hawaiian are all classic pizzas.
Crowd-pleasing deluxe pizzas include chicken Macon BBQ, prawn and chicken, Pepperoni Deluxe, and chicken mushroom. Pizzas come in a variety of sizes, from ordinary to gigantic, and can easily feed more than 5 people or a family of four.

5. Dominos

On the 4th position, Domino's Pizza has grown from humble beginnings as a single pizza store in 1960 to become the world leader in pizza delivery today. From the beginning, we've been committed to manufacturing and delivering outstanding pizza using high-quality ingredients.
Domino's Pizza is a chain of pizza restaurants. Mauritius offers its Mauritian consumers great-tasting, hand-tossed American pizza created with only premium and fresh ingredients. Every pizza is created by hand and baked fresh for each order.

4. Debonairs Pizza

The 4th most loved Pizzeria by Mauritians is Debonairs pizzeria. Debonairs is a wonderful Mauritius restaurant to visit if you're looking for tasty pizzas with tons of toppings, sizzling subs, or pizza wraps. This pizza franchise has over ten outlets on the island, all of which are open for lunch and dinner.
When you arrive at Debonairs, you will be served a quick service-style pizza in a range of flavors. The Triple Decker, Filla, Crammed Crust, and Double Stack are all house specialties. Guests can choose from a variety of fresh toppings, including chicken, beef, and vegetarian options.
Appetizers such as BBQ chicken wings, cheese pop-itz, and buttery cheese, and garlic bread are also available at the restaurant. Subs (sandwiches with toppings) are also available in a number of flavors, including Mexican, Tikka Chicken, and BBQ Chicken.

3. Pizza Hut 

The third most voted pizzeria in Mauritius is Pizza Hut. In third place on the list, we have Pizza Hut who has established itself as one of the main pizza restaurants in Mauritius and is one of the most popular franchises in the country. Pizza Hut has a wide variety of delectable and unique pizzas on its menu. Pizza Hut caters to the demands of all Mauritians and tourists, whether they are vegetarians or chicken lovers; there is always something for everyone at Pizza Hut. For pizza aficionados, Pizza Hut restaurants provide comfort and a warm ambiance. Pizza Hut is the most popular place to have lunch or dinner.
Pizza Hut Mauritius has established itself as the top pizza restaurant dedicated solely to the delight of pizza enthusiasts. Whether you're a vegetarian or a meat-eater, each recipe has a generous combination of flavors to bring variety and taste.

2. Luigi's

The second-best pizza in Mauritius is Luigi's. Luigi's is an Italian continental cuisine restaurant owned and operated by an Italian family. The restaurant is based at Grand Baie and serves traditional Italian cuisine ranging from pizza and pasta to steaks, veal, and seafood.
Thanks to its true fundamental Italian style of food, Luigi's Italian Restaurant in Mauritius has gained a household name within the gourmet community. The wonderful family-owned and operated restaurant serves Italian delights at extremely moderate pricing.
All of the pizzas are baked in a special pizza oven, and there is a daily special menu as well as handcrafted desserts. Luigi's Italian Restaurant is famous for its wood-fired pizzas, handcrafted pasta, and traditional Italian cuisine. There are no prizes for predicting that you will have an infinite number of pizza options here.
Melanzane Parmigiana and Osso Buco / and numerous veal recipes, etc... are always good choices for classic Italian cuisine.
Luigi's provides good value for money, as well as a very pleasant and laid-back ambiance, making it great for family dinners, getting together with friends, or a dinner date.

1. Panarottis 

The best pizzeria in Mauritius for the year 2021 is none other than Panarottis. Panarottis is the ideal Mauritius restaurant to visit if you're craving excellent pizza and Italian pasta favorites.
There are eight sites on the island, with two large eateries in the Mauritius Bagatelle Mall at Moka and the Cascavelle Shopping Village. The one at Floreal's So'Flo commercial center sells wood-fired pizza. The remaining five are Panarottis Pizza Express locations in Port Louis, Quatre Bornes, Trianon, Grand Baie, and Rose Belle. Panarottis has a modern design with a laid-back vibe, as well as menus that include lunch and dinner options.
Pizza is the restaurant's best-selling item, with a variety of toppings including vegetarian, chicken, and beef; you may even choose a speciality pizza like the Santa Fe or San Marco, which has a sweet chili sauce. Pizzas come in a variety of sizes, and you may also order a 'Half and Half,' which combines two of your favorite pizzas into one scrumptious duet.
Traditional pasta recipes include linguini with shrimp, Alfredo sauce, and spaghetti Bolognese, with the arrabbiata being a must-try. The customers go wild over grilled dishes like lamb steaks, chicken schnitzel, and oven-grilled salmon. Milkshakes and a wonderful chocolate mousse await your taste buds for dessert.
Those who have not yet tried this place, not just Anou Manzer but Mauritian people also highly recommend this Pizzeria.


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