Best Dinner Ideas for Christmas that your family will surely love

Christmas is approaching, and families all across the world are gathering for a family supper on Christmas Day. However, different civilizations around the world have extremely diverse Christmas meals. These Christmas dinners are typically recipes that our mothers or grandmothers cooked for us as children. During Christmas, most of us cook and serve these dinners at our own tables, adding a few of our own favorite specialties. These dishes don't have to be "fancy" or complicated to prepare just because it's Christmas; it's the memories of good moments spent sharing them that make them so wonderful.
I hope it proves helpful in selecting on your Homemade Christmas meal for a Christmas Party or a Special Family Dinner for any occasion.....with a Mauritian twist!!

Side Dishes for Christmas

Non-Veg side dishes for Christmas

1. Croquette Poulet

croquette poulet

2. Sandwich (Tuna/Jambon)

sandwich tuna jambon

3. Springrolls

spring rolls

4. Pima Ferci

pima farci

5. Grantin Poulet

gratin poulet


Vegetarian side dishes for Christmas

1. Croquette Fromage/Champignon

croquette fromage

2. Samoussa veg

samoussa veg

3. Sandwich Veg

sandwich veg

4. Grantin Pomme de Terre

Gratin pomme de terre

Main Course Dinner Ideas for Christmas

Non–Veg Main Course Dinner Ideas for Christmas:

1. Roti Poulet

Roti Poulet

Without a meat recipe, a Christmas feast is incomplete! While roasted turkey is part of the traditional Christmas supper, many of us who dislike turkey prefer roasted chicken instead. So cook it and serve it with your favorite continental cuisine!

2. Grillade Poulet/Agneaux

grillade poulet

3. Salad Ourite

Salad Ourite

4. Chop Suey Poulet

Chop Suey Poulet

5. Riz Cartonais poulet

Riz Cartonais Poulet

6. Roasted Turkey

Roasted Turkey

A roasted turkey is an essential component of any Christmas meal! This scrumptious recipe contains a plethora of spices, nuts, and herbs, making it an excellent choice for a large Christmas dinner party! So, for the main course, opt for this one!

Veg Main Course Dinner Ideas for Christmas:

1. Riz Cartonais Veg

cantonese rice

2. Riz frit Veg

riz frit veg

3. Butter Paneer

butter paneer

Desserts Ideas for Christmas:

1. Bûche de Noël

Buche de Noel

The Bûche de Noel cake has been a Christmas tradition in France since the nineteenth century. The dessert is modeled after the yule log, which was traditionally lit on Christmas Eve. The yule log's burning symbolizes the coming new year and was thought to bring good fortune to the household. While no one knows for sure how the yule log became a cake, everyone can agree that it's a lovely tradition we don't want to give up.

2. Christmas Pudding

christmas pudding

Pudding improves everything by virtue of its flavor! The Christmas pudding dish, which is made with a lot of love, reminds us all of our pleasant childhood days! So go ahead and make it right now and share it with your loved ones.

3. Flan Caramel


4. Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun

Make gulab jamun, one of Mauritius' most popular celebration treats. These fried dumplings, fragrant with cardamom and steeped in rose and saffron syrup, are a delicious treat to enjoy after dinner on Christmas.

5. Fruit Salad with Cream


Fruit Salad with Ice Cream is a fantastic ice cream recipe to share with your family and friends during kitten parties, buffets, anniversaries, and even birthday celebrations. Vanilla ice cream, mixed fruits, cherries, mixed dry fruits, and sugar syrup are used in this Continental recipe. Prepare this wonderful meal to beat the summer heat. It's likely to be a hit with both youngsters and adults! To delight your loved ones this Christmas, try this simple dish.

6. Plum Cake


A 'plum cake' is the most frequent fruitcake found in every home throughout the Christmas season. This cake, made with the deliciousness of plums and dried fruits, is sure to be a hit with your loved ones this Christmas! The cake's preparation began approximately a month ago when the almonds and plums were marinated in rum to give the dessert its incredible flavor.

7. Eggnog


Eggnog is a delectable creamy seasonal beverage that is inextricably linked to the Christmas season. This dish's major ingredients are milk, cream, sugar, and beaten eggs; it's commonly flavored with cinnamon and nutmeg, and it's delicious. It is usually eaten with brandy or rum to keep the body warm during the hard winters. Raisins or cinnamon powder can be sprinkled on top. It's also delicious with cookies.

Hope these Christmas food ideas helped you and we wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!!! HOHOHOHO

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