So, if you are craving for dhal puri or dhal puri is one of your favorite food, here is the list of the most voted and tastiest places to eat (Baz) Dhal Puri in Mauritius:
12 Best Dhal Puri in Mauritius You Must Definitely Try (Dholl Puri)

Best Dal Puri in Mauritius You Must Try in 2023

How do we begin discussing the Dholl Puri? Unquestionably, it is the most well-liked street dish in Mauritius. The dholl puri would unquestionably earn the title of official Mauritian dish if Mauritius had to have one. If you've ever been to Mauritius, you should have seen the long queues of people waiting in the streets for the top street vendors' unique paper-thin treats. Therefore, if you haven't been to Mauritius yet, don't forget to go! It's a must-eat food.


Here are 12 top places to eat dhal puri in Mauritius:


12. Dallas Curepipe 

Address: La Rue Leclezio Curepipe

Phone: 5769 0407

Opening Hours: Monday- Saturday: 7am–5pm, Sunday: 7am–2pm


11. Vivi Dhal Puri

Address: 3 Av. des Glaïeuls, Quatre Bornes

Phone: 454 6119


10. Talab


9. Gunesh & Sons, Les Salines

Address: Les Salines


8. Raj Maingard, Beau Bassin

Address: P.W. Sewerage Office, Colonel Maingard St, Beau Bassin-Rose Hill

Phone: 5496 0164


7. Muslim

Address: Flacq, Behind Taxi Stand 


Opening Hours: 


6. Beret

Address: Desforges Street, Port-Louis

Phone: /

Opening Hours: /


5. Chapo La Paille

Address: Port-Louis, Near Lagare Le Nord

Phone: 2421008

Opening Hours: Monday - Sunday: 9am–6pm


4. Al Barakat

Address: MGMF+PWP, Curepipe (near Malartic Mosque, Curepipe)

Phone: 5767 8407

Opening Hours: Monday- Thursday: 7:45am–2pm

Friday: 7:45am–12:30pm

Saturday: 7:45am–2pm

Sunday: 7:45am–12:30pm


3. Ramsahye Maraz

Address: City Center, Port Louis

Phone: 5933 5854

Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday: 10am - 5pm, Sunday: Closed


2. Dewa

Address: QF3G+C3J, Rue Léoville L'homme, Beau Bassin-Rose Hill

Phone: 464 5646

Opening Hours
Monday: 8am - 5pm
Tuesday - Thursday: 8am - 5pm
Friday: Closed
Saturday - Sunday: 8am - 2pm


1. Chez Bye

The most voted and best dhall puri in Mauritius is none other than Chez Bye. If you plan on visiting Bye's in Rose-Hill to taste its delectable melting dholl-puri, you should be aware that the establishment (which has been in operation for more than forty years) is located in a primarily residential neighborhood. Although the establishment, popularly known as Bye, is modest and designed mostly for take-out cuisine, the proprietor will greet you with a warm smile when you walk through the door. It is also possible to purchase delectable Mauritian snacks called 'pimento cakes,' which are similar to falafel, or to drink an 'Alouda,' which is a refreshing drink made from little black Indian basil seeds (known as tukmaria) and flavored milk.

We highly recommend everyone to surely taste Chez Bye dhall puri at least once.

Address: Prince of Wales St, Beau Bassin-Rose Hill

Phone: 464 3417

Opening Hours: Monday- Saturday: 7am–5pm, Sunday: 7am–2pm


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