20 Best Mine Bouille in Mauritius

unique way they are preparing it. From the popular “Mine Bouille Boulette” to the newly “Mine Bouille Seafood”, you will find it in Mauritius.

Here is the list of the best Mine Bouille that you should definitely try in Mauritius. Please note that this is a public voting list that has been done on our Facebook page.

Let’s go on our Mine Bouille Journey!

List of top 20 Mine Bouillie in Mauritius:

20. YesFood Moris

Yes Moris Snack

Situated in the North of Mauritius, Grand Baie, Yes Food Moris make some really tasty Seafood Mine Bouille. Apart from Mine Bouille, they also offer delicious & healthy local seafood that we do recommend you to try.

19. Baz Také

Baz Take

Opened in the year 2021, Baz Také has already made its name throughout Mauritius. From the reviews we got from people, this place is one of the best Baz Mine Bouille in Mahebourg. Their specialty is “minebwi salmi Cerf Calamar ek bouillon Vielle, Mine Bouille Boulette la Viande”. Other foods that are available are fried rice, Rice and Curry, Grillade.

18. Bonto Wok

Bonto Wok

Have you ever heard of a sizzling Mine Bouillie? Bonto Wok is the first to serve it in Mauritius and we confirm that it is surely something to try. Bonto Wok Snack is situated in Saint Pierre, Mauritius.

17. NG Tower Ebene

NG Tower Mine Bouille

This is one of the favorite Mine Bouillie for people working in Ebene. Mine Bouille Boulette and chicken is their specialty and the price is affordable. If you want to try this place, just go to NG Tower and the first thing that will attract your attention on the ground floor, this is the place.

16. Baz Pravish

Baz Pravish

15. Café Shanghai
Cafe Shanghai

14. Maranatha
Maranatha Mine Bouille

13. Ti Tonton Snack
Ti Tonton Snack

12. Ishvind Snack
Ishvind Snack

11. Ti Kouloir
Ti Kouloir

10. Shantilall Snack
Shatilall Snack

9. Ah-Soo Snack
Ah Soo Snack

8. Payo


Payo is considered to be the first place to ever have a unique way to prepare mine bouille. His speciality is “Mine Bouille Hache”. This is a place students of the University of Mauritius will never forget in their life. I was a student of UOM for 3 years and no matter what, Mine Bouille Payo will be one of my favorite places to eat.

7. Selven Snack
Selven Snack

6. Chez Youngo
Chez Youngo

5. Chez Francois
Chez Francois

4. Taste of Chef Mamou
Mamou Snack

3. Mangouste


In the third place, we have the famous mine bouille of Saint Pierre, Mangouste. If we talk about mine Bouille Gros Poid, we talk about Mangouste. We tried their Mine Bouille and trust us it is just too yummy.

2. Oasis
Oasis Mine Bouille

1. Ajay Snack

Ajay Snack

The best voted and most loved mine bouille in Mauritius is none other than Ajay Snack which is found in Quatre Bornes. We highly recommend you all to try their mine bouille with crab soup. Big possibility that it might be your next favorite place to eat.


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Please note that this is an actual public voting list that has been done on our Facebook page, Anou Manzer. You can see the voting here Best Mine Bouille in Mauritius.