Without any doubt, the Mauritian street food is a must-try for those out who have not yet tried such delicacy. The typical food and street food have surely received very good reviews from tourists from around the world.
10 best Mauritian street food you should definitely try
Mauritius' street food is spicy, colorful, diverse and some of it is of course one of its kind that you should definitely taste. Mauritius street food has a blend of cultures, including African, Indian, Chinese, and European which results in a really distinctive Creole cuisine.
We have a wide range of street food from the biryani to Samoussa but we have selected only 10 of the most popular and loved by local people and tourists.

1. Dholl Puri

On the first position of the most loved street food, we have the Dholl Puri (Dhal Puri). If you will ever ask a Mauritian or a tourist who visited Mauritius about their best and yummiest Street food, you will surely hear Dhal Puri a lot as their answers. You can have a place to eat Dhal Puri in almost every corner in Mauritius but there are people who can travel from one place to another just to eat at their favorite place. Some of the most popular "Baz Dhal Puri" in Mauritius are Chez Bye Rose hill, Dewa Dhal Puri, Albarakat Dhal Puri, Chapeau La Paille, Ramsahaye, Taleb Dhal Puri, and many more.

Dhal Puri is a soft flatbread packed with turmeric and cumin-flavored yellow split peas. Butter bean curry, rougaille, and green chili paste are commonly eaten with Dholl Puris. They are other street food merchants who also offer non-vegetarian choices.

2. Halim 

3. Samoussa

4. Gato Arouille

5. Boulettes

6. Biryani

7. Roti and Ti Puri

8. Mine Bouillie

9. Gato Piment

10. Poudine Manioc - Cassava Pudding

11. Poutou

12. Alouda

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