Try these Indian chicken recipes for a unique and thrilling dinner! These delicacies will tickle your tastes and fulfill your appetite, ranging from tikka masala to butter chicken to tandoori.
Best Indian chicken dishes that you can get addicted with

Indian Chicken Recipes

Dinner doesn't get much better than these vibrant and flavorful Indian chicken recipes!

You'll have a hard time choosing between the classic korma and butter chicken curries and the smokey tandoori dinners and delicate kebabs.

Though some recipes call for specific spices, most can be changed to suit your pantry and palate.


1. Grilled Tandoori Chicken Kebabs

A tandoor, as previously said, is a type of oven. When you find tandoori recipes, it refers to the dry-cooking method rather than the flavor.

That being said, tandoori chicken is always spicy, tender, and deliciously smokey.


2. Easy Chicken Tikka Masala

I believe chicken tikka masala is one of the most popular and well-known curries. It's bright, flavorful, and just what you need for a fantastic evening.

It's not spicy while being packed with delicious spices. If you add more chili powder, you can make it hotter.

It is also simple to prepare dairy-free. Simply replace the heavy cream with coconut cream, and you're done.


3. Chicken Curry

If you're new to Indian cooking and don't know where to begin, this simple chicken curry is ideal.

There are no difficult-to-find spices here, and the majority of the components are pantry basics.

If you want to make it creamier, add additional room-temperature coconut milk at the end.


4. Slow Cooker Indian Butter Chicken

Though similar to tikka masala, this butter chicken recipe has more cream and less tomato.

I enjoy using the slow cooker because it keeps the cooktop clean and lets the flavors to blend. Plus, it usually results in a richer sauce.


5. Mughlai Chicken

Though it may not be the most visually appealing dish, Mughlai chicken is plenty of taste.

It's thick and creamy thanks to the brown onion gravy and soaked cashews. The heavy cream is added at the end, although it should have little effect on the thickness.


6. Chicken Saag

Another delicious spinach curry, but unlike the last recipe, this one should also include other dark and leafy greens.

When you look at the recipe, you'll notice that it calls for 10 cups of spinach, but don't worry! In a matter of minutes, it wilts down to almost nothing.


7. Kerala Style Spicy Dry Roasted Chicken

This Indian cuisine, also known as nadan chicken ularthiyathu, is definitely one you're not familiar with.

Unlike the other recipes, when the chicken is cooked in sauce, this version is cooked dry.

That is, simmer the chicken until the extra water has been absorbed before decreasing the heat and cooking until tender.


8. Quick and Easy Chicken Biryani

Biryani is another extremely popular Indian dish, with at least ten different varieties.

It's quite spicy, yet it's also warm and soft. Unlike some other curries, this one integrates the rice into the meat and sauce, thoroughly combining everything.


9. Chicken Chettinad Recipe

If korma and butter chicken aren't spicy enough for you, try this fantastic spicy chicken recipe.

The chilis and peppercorns provide the most of the heat, so you can adjust the recipe if you don't want it as spicy.


10. Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori chicken is a traditional dish cooked by roasting chicken in a tandoor, which is a cylindrical clay oven.

To make it as soft and tasty as possible, marinade the skinless legs and thighs in yogurt and spices.

When they're done, cut them to the bone, slicing them about an inch apart across the surface. This allows the marinade to penetrate enabling the chicken to cook more quickly.


11. Chicken Shami Kabab Recipe

These are comparable to meatballs or small patties, but they're filled with delicious Indian spices and either chickpeas or dal.

They're perfect for presenting as a simple beginning or as a complement to any Indian feast. I prefer these with mango chutney!


12. Chicken Seekh Kabab Recipe

Seekh kebabs, as opposed to shish kebabs, are cooked using ground meat that is peppered, seasoned, and shaped around a metal skewer.

Because ground chicken is very lean, try to find ways to add fat so that it binds together and doesn't dry out. One simple approach to accomplish this is to add plain yogurt to the mix.


13. Easy Chicken Korma

When we go to an Indian restaurant, I always convince myself that I'll order something different.

But it's the creamy, sweet, and mild coconut and ginger sauce that always draws me in.

When adding coconut milk, make sure it's at room temperature. It may split if it is chilly.


14. Chicken 65

Though no one knows how this dish gained its name, one thing is certain: it's unbelievably delicious!

I could eat a full platter of this chicken, which was marinated in seasoned yogurt for 24 hours before being deep-fried.

The dry rub that you'll toss the cooked chicken in at the end is the actual star of the show. It's vibrant and provides a wonderful depth of taste.


15. Dahi Chicken (Yogurt Marinated Chicken Curry)

You've probably noticed that the majority of these recipes include some sort of yogurt marinate. This is because the lactic acid gradually tenderizes and flavors the meat.

This recipe is no exception, albeit with a shorter ingredient list.

Instead, after allowing the chicken to marinade, simply sauté it with onions and ginger. Then, add everything to the pan and cook until the chicken is done.


16. Lehsuni Nimbu Murgh (Garlic Lemon Chicken)

This dish is quite different from the recipes listed above. For starters, it does not contain tomato or coconut milk. Second, the flavor is dominated by garlic and lemon.

The chicken will be cooked in the marinade until it has been mostly absorbed or evaporated. I then finish it with some heated oil for texture.


17. Kalmi Kabab

Whereas the seekh kebab used ground chicken, this grilled chicken dish employs sliced, boneless chicken.

Though it takes a bit more effort, I think these would be a great addition to your next barbecue.


18. Chicken Vindaloo

This spicy, tangy curry is a quick and easy kitchen staple and a recipe for the popular hot Indian cuisine. My version is deliciously spicy, but you can easily change the heat and spice to your liking. Vindaloo is such a cult favorite in the United Kingdom that it was featured in a 1998 FIFA World Cup song. So, yeah, they take it seriously.

It is noted to be extremely spicy. That means if you're not a fan of heat, you might want to pass on this one.

You could technically reduce the chilis, but that would take away their allure. You should go with something milder.


19. Chicken Mulligatawny Soup

f You've Never Had Chicken Mulligatawny Soup, You're in for a Comforting Anglo-Indian Treat Soup with Chicken Mulligatawny

We're in the midst of the season when nothing beats a steaming bowl of soup.

Instead of bland chicken and vegetable soup this year, why not try this moderately spiced chicken curry soup?


20. Chilli Chicken

That platter of crispy chicken looks fantastic. You can almost hear it crackling, and you'll know it's spicy.

Deep frying is required for this, but because the pork is very lightly covered with corn starch, the crispy coating is just ideal.


21. Kadai Chicken Recipe

The way the chicken slips off the bone is my favorite part of this recipe. It's extremely tender and spicy, and it's best served with warm naan.

It's ideally cooked in a wok (Kadai is Hindi for wok), but any deep pan with a heavy bottom will suffice.


22. Chicken Pakora Recipe

The best Indian side dish you can offer is these little morsels of chicken bits mixed with traditional Indian spices and fresh herbs. This chicken pakora dish is exactly like popular street food!

This traditional Indian street meal is frequently made with vegetables. It's a type of fried fritter that's insanely tasty and goes great with everything from korma to vindaloo.

Because the chicken is in bits, there is less batter in these. So, while they're just as tasty, I believe they're a little healthier.


23. Palak Chicken

As you can see, there is a lot of spinach in this chicken curry. It's prepared in a creamy sauce with onion, tomato, and cashews alongside the chicken.

For this, use fresh spinach that has been chopped before cooking. Frozen will add too much moisture to the mix, making the curry watery.


24. Chicken Shawarma

If you've had this meal before, you'll know it's made of layered, seasoned chicken grilled on a spit. You'll receive ideal chunks of crispy and juicy meat as it's cut.

This is best served in a naan with pickled red onions, hummus, and plenty of tomatoes.

Fortunately, you can cook this in a hot pan and obtain the same delicious results.


25. Chicken Dhansak

Tender chicken in a tangy, sweet, and the somewhat spicy sauce thickened and richened with red lentils. The sweet and sour flavor of this curry appeals to children, and you can easily modify it chili-free to suit everyone's preferences.

Lentils are inexpensive, filling, and a terrific way to bulk up this recipe. They're also high in fiber and protein, and even better, they're low in fat.



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