What's better than a slice of these vegan pizza recipes? How about a whole pie?! Trust me, these dairy-free pizzas are so good, you won't want to share!
Top 14 Homemade Veg Pizza Recipes That Will Wow Your Taste Bud

14 Best Veg Pizza Recipes You Must Try At Home

1. Vegan Green Goddess Pizza

Isn't it true that topping pizza with green vegetables makes it healthier? (I'll simply continue to believe that, thank you!)

Regardless, this vegan green goddess pizza is delectable!

The crispy pizza crust is topped with basil and white bean hummus, as well as roasted vegetables.

So there will be no green goddess attire. Nonetheless, it's loaded with greens like zucchini, broccoli, and artichoke hearts.

And, hey, pour some of that wonderful dressing on top if you have it!


2. BBQ Jackfruit Pizza

This tasty BBQ Jackfruit Pizza has all of the flavors of a regular BBQ chicken pizza, but without the meat!

14. BBQ Jackfruit Pizza In this vegan dish, BBQ-coated jackfruit replaces shredded chicken. So it's basically a veganized BBQ chicken pizza!

This plant-based meal is bursting at the seams with jackfruit, sliced sweet red onions, and melted vegan mozzarella.

You should use canned jackfruit instead of fresh since it is simpler to work with.

However, you might prepare a large quantity for the week. Jackfruit works well as a substitute for pulled pork in tacos, quesadillas, sandwiches, and other dishes.


3. Arugula Salad Pizza

Have a hectic week ahead of you? This pizza is ideal for busy weeknights.

It just takes 45 minutes to prepare and has everything you need for a nutritious meal.

To save time, use pre-made pizza crust, and don't be afraid to pile on the greens!

This crisp and flavorful arugula salad pizza has all the texture and flavor of a salad but in pizza shape! What's not to like about that?


4. Vegan Butternut Squash and Sausage Pizza

With this vegan butternut squash and sausage pizza, you can embrace the greatest fall tastes.

It's salty, meaty, and really comforting.

Butternut squash, caramelized onions, sausage, and fried sage are all there in every bite.

Do I need to say more?


5. Vegan Spinach Alfredo Pizza

If you like Alfredo sauce as much as I do, you'll fall in love with this vegan spinach and Alfredo pizza.

This pizza is out of this world wonderful.

The dough is smothered in luscious vegan Alfredo sauce and topped with spinach, garlic, and plenty of vegan cheese.

Because, after all, the more cheese, the better, right?

It simply takes 15 minutes to prepare and 15 minutes to cook. It's as easy as that.


6. Avocado Chickpea Pizza

Looking for a quick, tasty, and nutritious packed lunch? This avocado and chickpea pizza checks all the requirements.

It's high in protein, lipids, and carbohydrates. So it's just what you need to get you through until supper.

What could be better for lunch than a slice of pizza? Nothing!


7. Vegan Thai Pizza

This Italian-Thai hybrid is the vegan pizza you didn't know you needed. It elevates fusion cuisine to a whole new level of deliciousness!

The pizza is topped with a creamy peanut sauce made with coconut milk and agave nectar.

Crunchy carrots and green onions complement the sweet pineapple and sturdy tofu well.

It's like all of Thailand's best tastes on a crispy Italian foundation!


8. Mediterranean-Inspired Socca Pizza

This Mediterranean-inspired socca pizza is simple, inexpensive, and filling - everything you want in a pizza.

If you've never had socca, it's a pancake-bread hybrid that can be eaten savory or sweet.

Top your socca with Kalamata olives, sun-dried tomatoes, and artichoke hearts, and you'll be satisfied and happy all day.


9. Vegan Naan Pizza

You just need a few ingredients and a few minutes to make this vegan naan pizza!

Busy bees will be delighted.

And, yes, it does take only seven minutes.

Top the vegan naan with tomato paste, spices, vegan sausage, and vegan cheese. Delish.


10. Vegan Spinach Artichoke Pizza

Have you ever wanted to eat your favorite spinach dip as a main course? You can with this vegan spinach and artichoke pizza!

It's just as garlicky, spicy, and tasty as the original. And, let's be honest, the only way to improve on spinach dip is to put it on pizza.

With just one taste of that creamy sauce, you'll want to consume every single piece on your own. I'm sure I do.


11. Vegan Eggplant Parmesan Sheet-Pan Pizza

I absolutely enjoy eggplant Parmesan. This vegan sheet-pan pizza, on the other hand, elevates the classic Italian meal to a whole new level.

A fantastic sauce is made with roasted eggplant, onions, garlic, and tomatoes.

For an out-of-this-world gourmet experience, smother it over pizza crust with loads of vegan mozzarella and Parmesan.

Finish with fresh basil and red pepper flakes, then dig in. You won't be able to wait, so keep your tongue in check!


12. Vegan Deep Dish Pizza

On a vegan diet, everything is possible. Deep-dish pizza, for example!

This is the perfect pizza for when you need something warm and cozy.

Add vegetables, mushrooms, and seasoned tempeh crumbles to your deep-dish pizza.

Don't forget the vegan mozzarella layer at the bottom! The cheese pull is unparalleled.


13. Vegan Pesto and Roasted Tomato Pizza

Make something tasty for supper by making this vegan pesto and roasted tomato pizza.

This pizza is bursting with vibrant flavors.

It has roasted tomatoes, vegan Parmesan cheese, fresh basil, and pumpkin seed pesto on top.

You may, of course, substitute store-bought pesto for this recipe.

But if you want to go all out, I really prefer the pumpkin seed pesto!

And, given it's pumpkin season, I'm sure you have some pumpkin guts to use up!


14. Vegan Pizza Primavera

This veg-packed vegan pizza primavera is an excellent way to achieve your five a day.

I mean, if it's on a pizza, I'll eat almost anything!

Ribboned zucchini and asparagus are mixed in a mild dressing and topped with burst cherry tomatoes on a pizza dough.

The finishing touch is fresh rosemary, which transforms this pizza into the ideal springtime dinner. Delicious.


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