No one can resist these umami-rich Thai rice recipes, which range from salty-savory to sticky-sweet. They're all delicious, whether they're fluffy or crispy.
10 Thai Rice Recipes For Easy Dinner Any Night

11 Best Easy Thai Rice Recipes

I have some amazing dishes to share with the group of people that enjoy Thai cuisine.

You may alter any of these Thai rice dishes anyway you desire, making them ideal for weeknight meals.

Additionally, they come together quickly!

I can satisfy your cravings for both hot and sweet food, so there's something for everyone.

Enter the fray!


1. Thai Curry Shrimp and Rice

I occasionally have to substitute this mouthwatering Thai rice meal with my preferred Asian noodle dish.

I adore the sweet and sour tastes that the coconut milk and curry paste cover the white rice in.

For color and textures, there are also plenty of sweet carrots, soft bell peppers, and juicy shrimp.

Add a squeeze of lime and a sprinkle of cilantro just before serving. If you want it really hot, you could also add a small amount of chili paste.


2. Thai Vegetable Fried Rice with Cashews

This fried rice recipe includes a long list of ingredients and is stuffed with vegetables and nuts cashews.

However, they all combine to produce a magnificent fusion of tastes and textures.

You have soft vegetables, crunchy cashews, and chewy rice. Plus, the sesame seeds on top add a lovely nutty touch.

I like to use a variety of vegetables, such as broccoli, bell pepper, mushrooms, sweet peas, and onions, that are soft, crisp, and crispy.

Not to mention the aromatics! Thai basil, ginger, and garlic are essential ingredients for this cuisine.


3. Thai Coconut Rice

Have you been trying to come up with a novel way to prepare ordinary white rice? Attempt this delicious Thai coconut rice!

It is a three-ingredient dish that only requires two common household items and water. Naturally, making it is simple.

It becomes creamy, fluffy, and tropical when using canned coconut milk. Additionally, you can use it as a sweet dessert or a savory side dish.

When it comes to coconut rice, there are a ton of possibilities.


4. One Pot Thai Chicken and Rice Dish

You'll desire Thai food every night of the week since this meal is so delicious.

Even better, it cooks up in a flash and only requires one pot, making cleanup a joy.

Long-grain rice, chicken, bell peppers, coconut milk, garlic, fish sauce, and other ingredients are included.

The warm and filling components are creamy, umami, and flavorful.

So pour some into a kettle and prepare for a feast. Yes, the leftovers are great for tomorrow's lunch.


5. Thai Chicken Fried Rice (Khao Pad Gai)

Chinese cuisine is famous for its fried rice. But have you tried it Thai style?

Thai street food sensation khao pad gai is made with fluffy eggs, delicate chicken, and jasmine rice.

The prik nam pla sauce, however, is the real star. It is a traditional Thai condiment made with fish sauce and Thai chilies.

Although it's an extra step, it's necessary for this dish. Additionally, the preparation time is merely 15 minutes.

Take a bite after adding cilantro and lime juice to your bowl.


6. Thai Crispy Rice

When I visited Thailand, I developed a slight obsession with crispy rice. It's such a delightful and original way to present an unassuming ingredient.

This isn't fluffy rice to serve with your curry, as the name would imply. Instead, it is crisped and deliciously fried in a hot pan.

You’ll need to start with cooked rice that’s gone cold. Ideally, it should be a day old.

Add that to a hot wok with a bit of oil and spread it out to cover as much of the pan as possible.

Add some chili paste and soy sauce once the bottom has reached a crispy state.

Serve this dish with a lot of finely chopped scallions and crispy fried eggs. Yum!


7. Thai Pineapple Fried Rice

You want Asian cuisine with a touch of the tropics. Enjoy some of this Thai pineapple fried rice for yourself.

The juicy, tender prawns and the pineapple's sweet taste go well perfectly. Furthermore, it is impossible to refuse the flavorful rice.

Currants and cashews might not seem like the best combination. But trust me, they're essential for this recipe as well.

Choose a long-grain kind of rice, such as jasmine. It doesn't form clumps because it isn't very sticky.

Rather, it becomes incredibly fluffy, giving you the ideal texture.


8. Thai Chicken Rice Soup

This mouthwatering rice soup in the Thai style is also known as khao tom and is frequently served for breakfast.

It's quite full and hearty, with a rich broth, lots of rice, and tiny pig meatballs.

In this variation, ground chicken is used, which is a touch leaner but still delicious. It's also simple to make because everything cooks in the same pot.


9. Thai Basil Fried Rice

When it comes to fried rice, Thai basil is a recipe game-changer. This delicious herb is fragrant, young, and mildly spicy.

It will add an unparalleled blast of flavor to a hot bowl of fried rice.

You'll need jasmine rice, eggs, an umami sauce, and Thai chilis to assemble your bowl the Thai way.

With giant prawns, I adore it. However, you are entirely in charge of the protein. Choose tofu, chicken, or pork instead.

Use leftover rice, and the entire meal will be hot and ready in about eight minutes.


10. Mango Sticky Rice

A traditional rice pudding with a Thai twist is mango sticky rice.

It is sweet and sticky (obviously), and when served warm, it has a deliciously creamy finish from the coconut milk.

Serve it with fresh mango slices for a Thai treat that will satisfy your cravings time and time again.


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