Eating healthy has never been simpler thanks to these quick and simple sheet pan shrimp recipes. They are irresistible and ideal for family dinners.
10 Best Sheet Pan Shrimp Recipes

10 Easy Sheet Pan Shrimp Recipes

Let me allay your anxieties if you're scared that eating healthy would result in bland cuisine.

The shrimp recipes on this sheet pan are delicious! Each one erupts with flavor to the point where your mouth dances merrily.

I also have you covered if nutrition is your main concern.

Each and every bite will include more than enough goodness thanks to the protein-rich shrimp and the fresh vegetables.


1. Sheet Pan Honey Garlic Shrimp

This delectable dinner with Asian influences will meet all of your takeout requirements. Also, I can assure you that it is healthy.

Even if it's not quite as simple as ordering using an app, it's still relatively simple.

And wow, is it delicious!

It has roasted green beans and prawns floating in a delectable honey garlic sauce.

Enjoy it over your preferred type of rice or noodles.


2. Sheet Pan Lemon Pepper Shrimp

This lemon pepper shrimp recipe is perfect if you like a bit of heat with your food.

Each bite is bursting with paprika, salt, lemon, and garlic. And lots of black pepper, of course!

The recipe includes measurements, but I advise using your heart instead. And the more lemon and pepper, in my opinion, the better.

To make this into a meal, including your favorite vegetables. Or, for a classic southern dish, put it over grits.

Whatever you decide to do, you will like the shrimp.


3. Old Bay Shrimp and Sausage Sheet Pan Dinner

Sausage and seafood were the intended uses of Old Bay seasoning. Of course, you can use it on any dish you like, but dishes like these are where it really shines.

Shrimp and chicken sausage are combined in this simple supper along with roasted asparagus and shallots.

Deep and savory flavors are present. But the vibrant lemon aioli you'll make to go with the meal is my favorite part.

It is creamy, garlicky, and fantastic. It complements the shrimp, sausage, and roasted vegetables so perfectly.


4. Creole Chicken and Shrimp Sheet Pan Dinner

You don’t need to head to Louisiana to get yourself some authentic Creole cooking. You can bring New Orleans right to you with the help of this delicious dish.

French, Spanish, Afro-Caribbean, and Native American cuisines all have a strong influence on creole cooking. They combine to make this extremely daring meal.

On your tongue, it feels like pyrotechnics! This one pan supper includes all of that flavor.

Each bite is salty, delicious, smokey, and has a slight kick of heat.

There is a ton of vegetables, including potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, onions, and cauliflower, along with chicken, shrimp, and chorizo.

Therefore it's beneficial to you as well!


5. Easy One-Pan Roasted Shrimp and Veggies

Do you want to motivate your children to eat their vegetables? How about this colorful array of wholesome and nutritious ingredients?

Nobody I know is able to resist this meal.

Green broccoli and zucchini, orange carrots, a variety of your favorite bell pepper colors, and vivid, plump, pink shrimp are all there.

Overall, this dish is incredibly bright and wholesome. Additionally, it is extremely tasty. And in my book, that's a victory.


6. Sheet Pan Lemon Garlic Shrimp and Asparagus

If spring is your favorite season, you’ll go gaga for this lemon, butter, and garlic shrimp dinner.

That amazing combination covers every inch of this delicious dish. It’s in the shrimp marinade, and it’s drizzled over the asparagus.

It’s heavenly.

Better yet, it’s ready in only 20 minutes! So, you get a fantastic meal with very little effort.


7. Sheet Pan Shrimp with Potatoes and Asparagus

Let's start off with a dish that is meaty yet light and rich in flavors and textures.

A pound of shrimp marinated in lemon zest and strong seasonings will be the first ingredient.

You simply can't go wrong with spices like smoky paprika, onion powder, and red pepper flakes.

You'll season and bake the potatoes for about 20 minutes while the shrimp soaks up all that delicious flavor.

Then, add seasoning to the asparagus and roast everything one more. Finally, add the shrimp after 10 minutes.

The shrimp cooks rapidly, so you want the vegetables to be almost done before adding them.

Dinner is ready after a little more roasting! Add some lemon juice and fresh herbs as the finishing touch.


8. Garlic Butter Sheet Pan Shrimp

Similar to the last recipe, this one also includes shrimp, potatoes, and asparagus.

This one differs from others because you'll also add a decadent garlic butter sauce. And let me tell ya; it’s flipping fantastic!

In a similar manner to the recipes above, roast the potatoes, asparagus, and shrimp in that order.

But first, mix in half of the garlic butter sauce with the shrimp. It has a buttery, citrusy, and delicious garlic flavor.

When everything is done, sprinkle the remaining, oh-so-delicious sauce over it all before serving. Simple as pie.


9. Sheet Pan Mediterranean Shrimp

With this delectable Mediterranean shrimp, you may take your taste senses on a tour of the Greek Islands.

After all, nothing can make a meal better than the flavors of the Mediterranean. Each bite is delectably delicious, flavorful, and fresh.

Artichoke hearts, grape tomatoes, kalamata olives, and red onions are among the assortment of vegetables in this dish that have been seasoned with flavors that are Greek in origin.

They are roasted first, then the shrimp, which are delicious, peppery, and lemony. After it's done, sprinkle plenty of feta cheese and fresh herbs on top.


10. Sheet Pan Shrimp Boil

What could be better than a family seafood boil in the South?

This shrimp boil is bursting with flavor and will persuade even the moodiest teenagers out of their dorms!

Normally, a shrimp boil serves enough food to feed the entire community. For a more private occasion, though, this one pares it down.

Thus, it's also considerably less messy!

The best components, like as delicate potatoes and smokey sausage, are still present. Together with wonderfully pink shrimp, there is also luscious sweet corn.

The Old Bay seasoning, however, is the most crucial component. Without Old Bay, a shrimp boil wouldn't be the same!

It gives items that are already wonderful an amazing amount of flavor. Your loved ones will adore it!

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