These rice noodle dishes are ideal for nutritious family dinners! These quick and easy recipes range from stir-fry to noodle bowls to soup and salad.
12 Healthy Rice Noodle Recipes Packed With The Yummiest Flavour

12 Healthy Rice Noodle Recipes

You may make them spicy or savory and serve them hot or cold.

Rice noodles, like the greatest rice dishes, are a neutral basis that can take on whatever flavors excite you.

Grab your chopsticks because you're going to want to eat these 15 rice noodle dishes until every last noodle is gone.


Chicken Stir-Fry With Rice Noodles

This is one to add to your repertoire of fast chicken meal recipes.

This dish is loaded with nutrients thanks to chicken breast and a vegetable medley.

The soft rice noodles and four-ingredient sauce make this dish even better.

The entire stir-fry can be made in 30 minutes, making it ideal for weeknights.


15-Minute Garlic Fried Noodles

Make this quick 15-minute recipe if you need dinner even faster.

Garlic and green onions will be stir-fried till aromatic. This simply takes a few minutes.

Then add the rice noodles, soy sauce, and coconut sugar to taste.

Although sugar may seem like an unusual option, the greatest Asain noodles balance out a whirlwind of tastes with a gentle sense of sweetness.

I like to add a squeeze of lime and a splash of Sriracha to this.


Singapore Rice Noodles

Can't decide whether to eat fish or meat? Enjoy both with this flavorful recipe.

The surf is shrimp, and the turf is hog roast. A scrambled egg is added to the dish for an extra flavorful protein boost.

If you can't get Chinese pork roast, you may use ham instead.

Be warned: this dish's well-rounded tastes need a lengthy list of ingredients. Curry powder, Shaoxing wine, and soy sauce are all included.


Asian Noodle Bowls

If you'd rather eat shrimp instead of turf, this is the dish for you.

It's loaded with juicy shrimp, zucchini, scrambled eggs, and silky rice noodles.

It has a great garlic and ginger flavor with a crisp blast of cilantro.

I really appreciate how the peanuts give crunch to the tastes and textures. If you are allergic to nuts, you can easily leave them out.


Garlicky Pad See Ew

Pad see ew is likely to be on the menu at any Thai restaurant. This classic Thai meal uses broad rice noodles.

It's fantastic to order, but it's much better when you cook it yourself. You'll just need Chinese broccoli, broad rice noodles, and chicken.

The sauce is what actually makes this taste restaurant-style. It's made from a combination of soy sauce, oyster sauce, and fish sauce.

Fish sauce has a strong stench that takes some getting used to. It is, nonetheless, required!


Beef Stir-Fry With Flat Rice Noodles

The major attraction of this meal is the velvety broad rice noodles. The noodles are marinated in a spicy, acidic, and umami sauce.

Add marinated sirloin steak, crispy bean sprouts, and fresh green onions for added flavor.

A bowl of these soft noodles will fulfill your noodle cravings without taking hours to prepare.


Rice Noodles With Egg and Shrimp

When you want light and fresh noodles, this dish is ideal. It's a fantastic taste combination with delicious ingredients.

I love how a dash of lemon brings out all of the flavors! It's also loaded with delicious shrimp.

Make careful to de-vein the shrimp before cooking them in this recipe. Otherwise, the flavor of this meal would get stale.


Vegan Drunken Noodles

I have to get veggie drunken noodles every time I order Thai takeout. They're just so excellent that I can't bring myself to order anything else.

But when I don't want to go out, I prepare them at home.

This dish is loaded with a colorful assortment of vegetables such as bell peppers, green cabbage, and green onions.

Because tofu is the protein of choice, this dish is vegan. There's even some Thai basil in there.

This dish comes together quickly and, dare I say, tastes better than takeout!


Coconut Lime Noodle Soup

This noodle soup is out of this world! In one dish, it's creamy, tropical, fresh, spicy, lemony, and savory.

It is comparable to Tom Kha, a Thai coconut soup. You may mix and match proteins, like in this dish, which calls for shrimp and chicken.

If Thai spicy is too hot for you, reduce the spice level by using less chilis.

For this soup, you might want to grab a spoon and some chopsticks. This allows you to obtain the ideal bite.


Chili Garlic Rice Noodle Salad

You might be wondering if you can eat rice noodles cold. Of course, the answer is!

One of my favorite cold rice noodle dishes. It transforms chewy noodles into a salad feast brimming with bright crunchy vegetables.

This meal is held together by the sweet and spicy dressing. The recipe does not specify a protein, but I believe tofu, shrimp, or chicken would all work nicely.

Vegan, vegetarian, or carnivore, you may choose a protein that suits your preferences and nutritional needs.


Sesame Thai Rice Noodles

In this rice noodle dish, nutritious meets flavorful. This, like the last meal, is a stunning combination of vivid vegetables that carry a tasty punch.

The Thai basil and serranos, in my opinion, are the stars of this meal. Of course, I have to thank the chewy noodles and wonderful sauce.

Sesame Thai rice noodles are gluten-free and vegetarian and may be served hot or cold.


Stir-Fried Ho Fan

Ho fan refers to the dish's incredibly soft broad and flat rice noodles.

They're so juicy and slurp-worthy that you almost don't need anything else to go with them.

A few vegetables, on the other hand, can't hurt. This dish combines the flavors of mushrooms, bell peppers, and Chinese chives.

I strongly recommend that you use a wok and tongs for this meal.

It makes it simpler to cook the vegetables and noodles while keeping everything hot.


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