For easy, tasty dishes, try these Laughing Cow cheese recipes! From sauce to wraps to cookies, these little cheese wedges are delicious and versatile.
10 Best Laughing Cow Cheese 5-Star Dinner Recipes

10 Incredible Laughing Cow Cheese Recipes (la vache qui rit)

I'll be sharing some of my favorite Laughing Cow cheese dishes with you today.

A soft cheese that is sold in bite-sized slices is called Laughing Cow cheese. It's ideal as a culinary ingredient or as a snack.

So give Laughing Cow a try if you're seeking tasty and useful cheese.

With this cheese, you may create a wide variety of wonderful things. Even the standard grilled cheese sandwich is elevated by it.

Pick one dish from this list to try, or try them all. Nothing can go wrong.


1. Alisha’s Grown Up Grilled Cheese

I'll never turn down a nice grilled cheese, regardless of my age. But this one goes beyond just butter and American cheese on white bread.

It starts off with two different kinds of cheese. Tomatoes, spinach, a ton of herbs and seasonings, and more are all present.

The amazing combination of crispy bread and oozy cheese is still present. Simply put, there's a lot more to it than that.


2. Cheese and Hummus Crackers

These cheese and hummus crackers are absolutely delicious. They are amazing.

They are a quick and simple to prepare snack that is healthy.

Since I don't think they need the meat, I don't put any on mine. However, I use a lot more green onions than usual.

How you want to top yours. The two important components are the double hummus and the Laughing Cow.

Whether you use meat or not, if you get that right, you'll have a true crowd-pleaser.


3. Lightened Up Cheddar Ranch Cheese Ball

This cheese ball combines the finest of both worlds. Charcuterie Board It is just like your favorite cheese ball in terms of flavor and texture.

But it also contains significantly fewer calories and fat.

Instead of using cream cheese, you'll use Laughing Cow, which is a significant improvement.

The best part is that nobody will ever suspect it's a cheese ball made without cream cheese.


4. Chicken Spaghetti Pie

Are you in the mood for something cheesy and flavorful? There is a solution: chicken spaghetti pie.

There are only six ingredients total, and three of them are various cheeses!

I am aware; that is all I needed to know. No matter what, I will adore a recipe if cheese is one-half of the components.

Fortunately, the tasty spaghetti sauce, tender chicken, and noodles round out the meal.


5. Laughing Cow Stuffed Chicken Breasts

Chicken breasts with Laughing Cow stuffing have a secret.

They are encased in a delicious bread crumb crust with an Italian flavor.

However, the inside is even more delicious than the outside.

You'll also taste creamy cheese after biting into the chicken.

You only need five ingredients and 40 minutes to cook this amazing dish.

For a complete supper, serve it with rice, grilled asparagus, or green beans.


6. Skinny Laughing Cow Alfredo Sauce

Some of the best Alfredo sauce is made with herbs and is tasty.

You may prepare it with a few simple ingredients in 35 minutes or less.

It has more flavor than you could ever imagine and is thick and creamy.

In addition, it offers a healthier substitute for regular Alfredo sauce.

Use it as a dipping sauce for breadsticks, on your preferred pasta dish, or over chicken.

No matter how you use it, you won't be able to get enough of it.


7. The Laughing Cow Lightest Loaded Quesadilla

Want a quesadilla that is flavorful and low in calories? That is possible with the Laughing Cow Lightest loaded quesadilla.

Crisp tortillas, ooey cheese, and a ton of fresh vegetables are all present in every bite.

Thankfully, the two cheese triangles you'll be using only have 38 calories altogether.

There will be some calories in the tortilla and vegetables as well. Nevertheless, this quesadilla is incredibly light and wholesome.

Your hunger for Mexican food will be satisfied by this delicious lunch option.


8. Turkey & Veggie Snack Wraps

You can quickly prepare these yummy, low-carb wraps as a healthy no-cook lunch option. The veggies will be wrapped in turkey instead of being placed in wraps.

The meat should be covered with cheese before the vegetables are rolled up inside. The entire family will love this quick, light lunch.


9. Honey Roasted Apple Dippers

Fun and simple to create, these snacks only require four ingredients.

They taste much better when you eat them! It takes green apples to make them so delicious.

Although you can use red apples if you choose, the tartness of green apples is ideal.

Put cheese on them, then sprinkle honey-roasted peanuts on top. When you drizzle honey over them, they are ready.

These ambrosial morsels are difficult to stop eating. Fortunately, they aren't really unhealthy.


10. Laughing Cow Sugar Cookies

I realize that adding Laughing Cow to sugar cookies seems strange. However, this recipe is the best choice if you want the softest, butteriest sugar cookies imaginable.

My family's go-to holiday sweets are these mouthwatering confections.

Other cookies simply cannot compete. Yes, Laughing Cow really does make a difference.


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