Recipes for southern meatloaf are a delicious way to become (again) addicted to this flavorful delight. If you don't already know, Southern cuisine is known for its hearty, soulful, and flavorful dishes.
Discover the Secret of the 10 Perfect Meatloaf Recipes

10 Best Meatloaf Recipes

On a chilly day, serving it with mashed potatoes and green beans is the ideal supper.

Here are 10 of the best Southern meatloaf recipes that you should attempt in your home if you're trying to spice up your meatloaf game. Eat it with sides, sandwiches, or rice!


1. Simple, traditional meatloaf

It's not that difficult to make a nice meatloaf, as The Spruce Eats noted. You will undoubtedly enjoy the tasty, moist meatloaf they make with the addition of vegetables and barbecue sauce. Additionally, by substituting low-carb components, you can attempt this recipe while adhering to the keto diet.


2. Pepper Relish Mini Meatloaves

For some hot bite-size delights, try this meatloaf flavored with hot pepper relish, which is also another Southern delicacy. This recipe features a balance of spicy-hot, juicy, and sweet flavors that will definitely make you want more. Enjoy snacking on it!


3. Southern-style meatloaf, the best.

There are 11 ingredients total in this Southern meatloaf recipe to capture the region's flavor. The recipe's secret ingredient, Allegro Hickory Smoke Marinade, imparts a tangy taste with a hint of hickory smoke to the dish's thick, tomato-based sauce. You can still still eat it with the traditional Worcestershire sauce.


4. Neese's Beef Sausage Loaf

The Neese's sausage-beef is another variation on the Taste of Southern. He employed Neese's, a venerable North Carolina sausage manufacturer, to create this spin on the classic meatloaf. Aside from that, this recipe also uses crumbled-up cornbread instead of the usual breadcrumbs or whitebread.


5. Meatloaf Muffins

Lucy Brewer from Southern Food and Fun shares her twist on the Southern meatloaf recipe. This recipe uses her classic meatloaf recipe with onion, pepper, and ketchup but is made bite-size like your favorite muffins. With brown and crispy edges, you’ll never stop munching on these.


6. Manloaf Meatloaf Recipe

Milk is one of the staple ingredients of Southern meatloaf recipes but if you’re lactose intolerant, then enjoying this traditional comfort food is a no-go. But thanks to this dairy-free recipe, you can now enjoy flavorful meatloaf. You can also try to make this recipe gluten-free.


7. Traditional South Carolina meatloaf

This traditional dish from The Spruce Eats is a fantastic place to start if you like to keep to tradition. Pork and beef are combined in this recipe to create a meatloaf that is incredibly tasty and juicy. Naturally, molasses and ketchup are combined to give it a lovely and lustrous finish. The ideal side dish for this is buttermilk mashed potatoes.


8. Tex-Mex meatloaf

This is the meatloaf recipe you need if you want something that will satiate all of your appetites at once. A bite of cheese and chipotle salsa served here will undoubtedly bring Texas to mind. The meatloaf holds its shape and gains flavor from the addition of crushed whole grain tortilla chips.


9. A Taste of the South

The Taste of Southern is making a meatloaf similar to the one he used to have for dinner as a child using recipes from his mother. His mother's glaze, which the entire family adores, adds flavor to this quick and simple recipe. It is a ketchup, sugar, and yellow mustard mixture that will definitely upgrade your meatloaf.


10. Southern Meatloaf by Millie Peartree

Millie Peartree shared the recipe behind one of the most favorite dishes at her NYC restaurant. Here she used ground turkey instead of the usual beef, then flavored with fresh green pepper and onion. And the best part is her simple and caramelized barbecue-ketchup glaze.


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