Here are 12 delicious Choko (Chayote) recipes from around the world to get you started. They range from simple to inventive, and they include both sweet and savory dishes.
12 Tastiest Chayote Recipes for your next Dinner

12 Best Choko Recipes

1. Chayote Dumplings (Boulette Chouchou)

Grated Choko is used in these exquisite small dumplings, which are a regional specialty from Nepal's eastern area.

This recipe can be made using store-bought dumpling wrappers or the author's recipe.


2. Creamy Choko Gratin

This delightful little side dish from Garlic & Zest was inspired by a Caribbean island vacation.

The recipe, known as "gratin de christophines" in the Caribbean, is what I'd call a gratin. Gratin de Choko (or Chayote). It may not sound as romantic, but it sure sounds (and looks) delicious.


3. Baked Chokos

This is an easy way to turn chokos into a meal. Simply slice in half lengthways, remove seed and boil till tender (about 15 mins for medium chokos).

Place in a baking tray and scoop out a little more from where the seed was. Fill with diced bacon, finely chopped tomato and grated cheese. Bake in a moderate oven for 20 minutes then enjoy while hot.


4. Basic Boiled Chokos

Peel the chokos, cut them into cubes, and boil them for about 10 minutes, or until soft.

Add sugar, honey, cloves, and cinnamon to the boiling water for a delicious dish. Cook in salted water until tender, then season with salt & pepper to taste.


5. Choko Souffle

There's nothing quite like a souffle. Chocolate Souffle and Cheese Souffle are certainly familiar to you. What about the Choko Souffle? This was The Maitland Mercury's "Recipe of the Week" in June 1937.


6. Choko Pickles

Choko Pickles, possibly the most popular choko recipe ever, are filled with flavor and let you to enjoy your chokos for months to come.

This meal was inspired by recipes offered by Australian home cooks many decades ago.


7. Chayote Salad

Yes, chokos may be eaten raw, and this lovely salad from Aubrey's Kitchen makes a flavorful side or light supper. Make a large bowl for a BBQ day.

The recipe includes step-by-step directions as well as suggestions for variations.


8. Chayote  Tarte Tartin

We combined an old-fashioned "Mock Pear" recipe (made with chokos) from Nana Ling's handwritten recipes with a typical French Tarte Tartin recipe to create a genuinely unique dessert.

Your guests will have no idea they are eating chokos!


9. Spicy Chayote Soup

This creamy soup recipe is not only quick and easy to make, but it's also low carb and vegan, making it suited for a wide range of appetites and lifestyles.


10. Choko and Potato Cutlets

Is this the ultimate vegetarian dish? Back in June 1935, when this recipe was published in The Queenslander, mock cutlets cooked with potatoes and chokos were on the menu.


11. Chayote Chips

Dare anyone to claim they still despise chokos after tasting them!

The name "Chayote Squash Fries" comes from her location. However, I've translated that name into Strayan above: "Choko Chips"!


12. Mexican Vegetable Soup

Add this hearty and filling soup to your list of winter favorites.

It's a basic recipe with suggested substitution items for those that are tougher to locate outside of Mexico and the United States.

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