20 Ninja Creami Recipes You Should Definitely Try

Best Ninja Creami Recipes

There is something for everyone in these Ninja Creami recipes, which are straightforward and incredibly flexible.

People only think about ice cream and other chilly delights during the summer. I'll share a tiny secret with you. All year round, I like ice cream! Also you? I concurred!

Although the costs are reasonable, store-bought ice cream is still quite tasty. And let's not even talk about the sweets from ice cream and custard shops!

I prefer to make my own frozen desserts at home since I can control the price, know exactly what is in them, and create all of my favorite flavors.

I like to make no-churn ice cream recipes since they are straightforward. Up until I learned about the Ninja Creami ice cream maker, these were my go-to.

Despite how much we enjoy making our own ice cream, we quickly recovered the cost of the purchase, and I adore how simple Ninja creami sorbet recipes, ice creams, and gelato are to make.


1. Ninja Creami Caramel Mocha Oreo Crumble Ice Cream

Oreos and a delicious caramel mocha? Please, yes!

For those who enjoy luxurious ice cream flavors, this rich, chocolatey treat is the ultimate indulgence.


2. Creamy Dairy-Free Pumpkin Ice Cream

Every dish, even Ninja Creami ice cream, has a pumpkin recipe.

This dish is dairy-free and full of pumpkin spice flavor because of the coconut milk and pumpkin puree.

Did I mention that it also contains a small amount of rum? Who could possibly refuse?


3. Ninja Creami Mexican Hot Chocolate Ice Cream

You'll adore this Ninja Creami recipe if you enjoy hot, spicy chocolate from Mexico.

All you need is a little chocolate, a little chili powder, and a dash of cinnamon.

In the winter, I adore this ice cream, and I notice that the holidays are a great time to serve it.


4. Ninja Creami Banana Chocolate Chip Lite Ice Cream

Have you ever indulged in a chocolate-dipped frozen banana? That and this are similar.

Ripe bananas and delicious chocolate chips are abundant. Almond milk is also required to keep it light and deliciously dairy-free.


5. Maple Gelato

The flavor of maple gelato is extremely understated but sophisticated.

It's been kissed with maple syrup, and the deal has been heavily sweetened with brown sugar.

Additionally, using coconut cream and vegan cream cheese, you may simply make a non-dairy version.

To get the proper consistency, just be sure to add those to the machine first.


6. Spiked Watermelon Mint Sorbet Float

You'll want to throw a party after trying this dish, so call your pals!

It resembles a frozen watermelon daiquiri but is slightly less alcoholic. Because of this, it's perfect for a poolside refresher on a day off.


7. Ninja Creami Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Cream cheese is essential for creating the perfect ice cream texture with the Ninja Creami.

Make sure it's at room temperature before mixing it in to ensure a smooth mixture.

The best vanilla bean paste for a super-rich flavor should be used for this recipe's simplicity.

Of course, if that's all you have, extract also works.

The thing I like best about this quick and healthy dish is that you can top it off with all kinds of delectable additions, like cookie dough, pretzels, nuts, and caramel.

I enjoy adding chopped-up fudge brownies for a swirl, but there are no actual restrictions.


8. Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream

I enjoy experimenting with new flavors, but there are times when all I want is chocolate ice cream. So I use this simple recipe whenever the urge arises.

The ideal texture is created by combining heavy cream, milk, and cream cheese. You only need vanilla extract and chocolate powder for flavour.

Additionally, this fudge recipe will lend a nice chewiness to the mixture if you prefer your ice cream to have some texture.

In the Ninja Creami, How to Make Protein Ice Cream with Champagne and Coffee Stains

Here's how to use the Ninja Creami to make protein ice cream at home!


9. Truly Sangria Sorbet

In search of a memorable sweet treat to finish off a Sunday breakfast with friends? A great option is sangria sorbet.

In this recipe, hard seltzer flavored with sangria is transformed into a decadent frozen treat.

This adult treat is fruity, a little boozy, and delightful.


10. Easy Pitaya Pineapple Smoothie Bowl

A Ninja Creami may be used to make more than just ice cream and sorbet. The same goes for smoothie bowls.

Try this one of my favorites, which combines pineapple juice and dragon fruit for a colorful and tropical delight.

Of course, a smoothie bowl is incomplete without toppings. On mine, I prefer fresh berries, chopped dried coconut, and almonds.


11. Ninja Creami the Old Goat

This ice cream flavor is very original, combining debauchery and innovation.

The goat cheese, heavy cream, milk, and honey make up the four ingredients that make up the basis.

From there, exciting things like rosemary or almonds can be added.

This may not be your standard scoop, but it's a classy design that none of your buddies can resist.


12. Ninja Creami Lemon Cookie Ice Cream

This lemon cookie ice cream has a different stunning flavor. The cream cheese makes it more delicious, and the lemon flavor gives it a vibrant zip.

Golden Oreos are a perfect option if you like a little cookie crunch.

If you don't crush them, you'll have large frozen cookie chunks waiting to break a tooth!

Or, why not try making some tangy ice cream sandwiches? Use some easy lemon cake mix cookies and this ice cream recipe.


13. Ninja Creami Strawberry Ice Cream

This strawberry ice cream is so delicious that I could finish a whole pint in one sitting. As refreshing as it gets, the strawberries and creamy vanilla bean foundation.

Like with all ice cream recipes, you must let the ingredients sit in the freezer for a day before using the Ninja Creami's ice cream function.

But the wait was worthwhile.


14. Ninja Creami Orange Creamsicle Ice Cream

You'll be daydreaming about long summer days spent at the beach after eating this orange creamsicle ice cream.

The combination of citrus, vanilla, and three different types of dairy is energizing.

It's creamy and tart, just like a traditional popsicle!


15. Ninja Creami Peaches and Cream Oatmeal Gelato

This ice cream is the ideal pick-me-up after a long day of adulting. It has a pleasing hint of cinnamon and is sweet with a hint of fruit.

Utilizing quick oats and a mouthwatering cinnamon roll flavoring are the keys to this flavor.

The foundation is what distinguishes this in addition to the flavor. Yogurt and cream powder will be used to create a gelato-like appearance.


16. Ninja Creami Protein Ice Cream

Many delicious high-protein dessert recipes are available, but this one is the greatest if you want something icy and sweet on a hot day.

All you need is the Ninja Creami and a bottle of your preferred protein smoothie. It really is that simple.

There are always some great add-ins, of course. Nuts are one of my favorite foods because they include added protein and crunch. But you also can't go wrong if you add a few small chocolate chips.


17. Ninja Creami Mango Sorbet

This decadent mango sorbet is just another delicious way to stay cool and combat the heat. It tastes extremely tasty and pleasant.

Plus, all you need is a can of mangoes, making it a fantastic choice for a healthy dessert.


18. Blueberry Cheesecake Gelato

I'd like to introduce you to my newest ice cream craze, blueberry cheesecake.

Because, in case you didn't know, I'm pretty serious about cheesecake. So when it comes to cheesecake treats, I'm particular.

Fortunately, this creative delicacy is packed with tart cream cheese, delicious Graham Cracker crumbs, and blueberries.

Whether it's for a casual weekend BBQ or Fourth of July celebration, this would make a great summer dessert to beat the heat.


19. Ninja Creami Raspberry White Truffle Ice Cream

Because raspberry white truffle is a pricey delicacy, go ready to indulge.

This ice cream is overflowing with luscious sweetness thanks to the fresh raspberries and raspberry preserves.

By including pre-made white chocolate truffles, the dish is elevated to a whole new level of decadence.


20. Ninja Creami Pineapple Sorbet

This is my second favorite sorbet taste after mango. After all, what more screams summer than desserts with exotic pineapple?

The pineapple is just the right amount of sweet and tart. Of course, a dab of whipped coconut cream on the side will balance out the tartness.

Do not use the ice cream function for this; instead, use the sorbet function.


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