These tasty and simple Greek treats are a must-try! These sweets, such baklava and Greek donuts, add a festive touch to every occasion.
12 Ancient Greek Desserts Mind-Blowing Recipes

List of 12 Easy Traditional Greek Desserts

Many things make Greece well-known.

It is the origin of democracy and the Olympic Games, the home of magnificent temples, and the cradle of western culture.

Despite having such a lengthy history, many people might not be familiar with Greek pastries.

Have you ever wondered what Greek pastries and delicacies traditionally taste like?

I'm going to share 13 sweets from Greece that are not only delectable but also rich in tradition and history.

You'll find something to catch your interest, from yogurt cake to almond cookies.

Perhaps you want to bake a lost and found cake because you misplaced something significant. Find out what I'm referring to by reading on!


1. Koulorakia (Greek Easter Cookies)

Koulorakia cookies are typically made during Easter, but I find that these pastries can be great on regular days as well since they’re not hard to make.

You can enjoy them for breakfast or as a filling snack. They’re not too sweet, with a slight crunch on the outside and a soft inside.

Feel free to get creative with the different braids that you can do with these cookies, as there is a lot to choose from.

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2. Loukomadies (Greek donuts)

Happy news Compared to regular donuts, loukomadies are simpler to make. Just like you, my ears perk up when I hear the word “easy.”

These Greek donuts are deep-fried to golden perfection, then drizzled with syrup and chopped nuts.

They make the perfect afternoon snacks for kids and adults alike.

They’re so good; you’ll have a hard time controlling yourself.

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3. Yiaoutorpita Cake

If you want to know the secret to making an extra moist and fluffy cake, use yogurt instead of milk.

Yep, you heard me right!

Greek yogurt is used to give the pound cake in this traditional Greek delicacy its distinctive softness.

The best thing about this classic is that you can dress it up or keep it casual as you please.

The recipe includes a cognac syrup, but you can simply mix it with fresh fruit and cream or just coat it with powdered sugar.

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4. Baklava

The texture of this sweet pastry is distinctive. It has a crunch and bite and is flaky.

It is made with phyllo or filo pastry, which is a common ingredient in many Greek desserts and foods. As you stack it, the dough gets coated with butter and is as thin as tissue.

If it sounds difficult, don't let that intimidate you! Each layer does not need to be flawless. The chopped spiced walnut stuffing gives each bite a crunch.

A citrus honey syrup is then used to sweeten and hold it all together. Baklava is created when the syrup is absorbed by the phyllo and then baked.

Although you might be tempted to devour it right away, you must leave it at room temperature, uncovered, for eight hours to avoid sogginess.

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5. Revani Cake

Try this if you want to serve something that will satisfy even the pickiest diners.

The understated revani cake has the appearance of a straightforward sponge cake but is oozing with sweet and citrus flavor.

Be not deceived. This light simple syrup is soaked into the fluffy cake. It acquires that distinctive flavor in this way.

Do you detect a pattern here yet? Greeks have some of the best honey in the world, so I don't blame them for loving their honey.

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6. Melopita (Greek Honey Pie)

This Greek honey pie smells like heaven and tastes just as amazing.

This dessert doesn't have a crust and a filling, which is rather different from the pie that we are used to.

To create these delicious treats, just combine all the ingredients and bake them. The interior resembles a cake in texture.

Ricotta cheese can also be used to make it; anthotyro cheese is the typical ingredient.

In addition, honey is required, as indicated by the dessert's name. The cheese and honey combination is just great.

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7. Milopita (Greek Apple Spice Cake)

A warm hug fills your mouth with each bite of milopita. It's the ideal dessert for the fall, or really any season!

Don't you just find the combination of the flavors of apples, cinnamon, cloves, walnuts, and raisins to be so soothing?

Try out this Greek apple spice cake recipe for a change of pace rather than baking the standard banana loaf.

It can be made just as easily, and nobody has grown tired of it yet. Everyone, let's face it, has grown a little weary of banana bread.

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8. Melomakarona (Greek honey cookies)

Calling all sweet tooths out there! You’ll want to check out melomakarona and try them for yourself.

These Greek honey cookies use spices and citruses, which are then dipped in syrup as soon as they get out of the oven.

Your home will smell so good once you make these. They may seem a bit harder to make than your usual go-to cookies, but the effort is worth it.

It’s not every day that we get to try traditional delicacies from another culture.

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9. Saint Fanourios Cake

Have you ever baked a cake as an offering to help you look for a lost item?

The Fanouropita is traditionally baked on August 27th to honor Saint Fanourios, patron saint of lost things, but please don’t wait until you lose something to bake this one!

You can also add chocolate and coffee to the original recipe.

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10. Greek Orange Semolina Cake

Greek orange semolina cake is so luscious and flavorful that it only reminds me of happy days.

From the orange-flavored cake to the orange syrup, this is the ultimate pick-me-up.

The citrus notes of orange in this cake make it the perfect zesty treat.

Top it with Greek yogurt frosting, which balances the sweetness of the cake. Orange you glad you tried it?

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11. Tsoureki (Greek Easter Bread)

Step up your bread game and try out the tsoureki, a traditional Greek Easter bread. This aromatic bread has a distinct taste that will have you making it more than once a year.

The unique flavor can be attributed to the mahleb and mastic ingredients.

Soft and chewy with every bite, your loved ones will keep on looking for this long after you make it for the first time.

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12. Kourabiethes (Greek Christmas cookies)

Sorry, I’m just practicing how to say Merry Christmas in Greek for when I make these Greek Christmas cookies!

Kourabiethes are a holiday staple for every Greek household. They’re crunchy cookies that are garnished with a generous layer of powdered sugar.

Apparently, the more, the better, so don’t be afraid to make it snow!

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