The flavors that can be combined in Cuisinart ice cream recipes range from mix-ins to chocolate and fresh fruits! The Cuisinart ice cream machines make creating delicious treats considerably simpler and problem-free.
12 Yummy Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker Recipes You Should Definitely Try

10 Best Cuisinart Ice Cream Recipes

Simply place one mixture into a bowl while preparing another. You can move in a matter of minutes. While seeking for an ice cream maker of the highest caliber, you will fall in love with homemade yet elegant Cuisinart ice cream.

The freezing of ice cream base is sped up with the aid of ice cream makers. If you speed up the freezing and churning processes, the final product will have more little ice crystals and be much smoother.

It's time to find out why having an ice cream maker in the kitchen is essential, especially for households with children, and which model will be your true love. We'll see.


1. Ice Cream Sandwiches

The aroma of ice cream will fill your mind with summery feelings. The Cuisinart ice cream is a treasure hunt when you bite into even the smallest piece because the flavor immediately emerges.

For the little ones, ice cream sandwiches are a fun preparation. Make delicious ice-cream sandwiches by combining them with crispy store-bought wafers. Serve homemade lemon slice ice cream to guests as a delicious summer treat.

These cookie ice creams are flatter and more brittle than regular cookies, making them ideal for ice cream sandwiches. Test it out!


2. Blueberry Ice Cream

This five-ingredient ice cream contains only blueberries – fresh or frozen – sugar, lemon juice, whole milk, and heavy whipping cream.

It tastes fantastic, which for me is a given because I love blueberries.

It’s also a gorgeous purple color that looks like it should be on a flower rather than an ice cream cone.

This one takes a little longer to make because you have to cook your blueberries on the stove to make syrup first.

Then, you’ll put them back on the stove to thicken again.

Even so, it’s worth every minute you spend making it.


3. Custard Ice Cream Gelato

Crema also referred to as custard, is an off-white hue that is at the bottom of my list. At its core, it is solely gelato; no other flavors are present. This is a solid choice that goes beyond vanilla!

My most beloved treat was homemade ice cream, which I used to serve at gatherings. But as of late, everything has altered. When served on a hot afternoon, this custard ice cream gelato is so creamy and silky.

Crema is less common in North America than it is in Italy, so you might only sometimes locate it. You and I do require a pursuit for crema custard because of this. Have you prepared?


4. Chocolate Ice Cream

You'll need the same ingredients for this delicious chocolate ice cream as you would for the vanilla.

Half a cup of unsweetened cocoa powder will also be added.

Everything should be whisked together before being added to the ice cream machine. In around 30 minutes, it ought to be prepared.

According to the instructions, reduce the milk by half a cup if you desire a taste that is more reminiscent of dark chocolate.


5. Strawberry Ice Cream

Do you want to use only four ingredients to create the greatest strawberry ice cream you've ever tasted?

Take 14 ripe, whole strawberries, some maple syrup, heavy cream, milk, and your Cuisinart ice cream maker.

Mix all the ingredients minus the strawberries. Separately crush them, then combine the combination with the berries in the ice cream machine.

You can start enjoying a smooth, strawberry-flavored delight after around 20 minutes.


6. Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

All you need to make this delicious, somewhat crunchy ice cream is milk, sugar, heavy cream, vanilla extract, and a cup of chopped Oreos.

The preparation guidelines are the same as those for all the other ice cream flavors: After combining the ingredients, churn the ice cream machine.

Leave your Oreo chunks big and chunky if you like your ice cream with a little crunch.

Crush them into tiny, powdery pieces for a smoother consistency.


7. Vanilla Ice Cream

This vanilla ice cream recipe is one of the greatest, regardless of whether vanilla is your favorite flavor or you're preparing it because it's the one taste that your entire family can agree on.

It's creamy, sweet, and quite simple to create. To make it smooth and creamy, all you'll need is milk, sugar, vanilla extract, and heavy whipping cream.

To create a flavor contrast, sprinkle just a little bit of salt.

Once it's prepared, you can eat it straight away, in cones, on top of a warm apple pie, or as a component of a rich ice cream sundae.


8. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Although the handmade version of the mint chocolate chip ice cream may not become as brilliant green, it still has the same great flavor.

Heavy cream, milk, sweetened condensed milk, vanilla extract, pure mint extract, salt, and bittersweet chocolate are required to make it.

You can also add a few drops of green food coloring to try to make it a vivid green.

I followed the recipe's advice and used the five drops, but the result was more of a faint green than anything vivid.

The flavor was everything but dull, though! It was fantastic!


9. Coffee Ice Cream

We all need that morning caffeine pick-me-up, so coffee ice cream is a wonderful justification for eating ice cream for breakfast!

Of course, I'm joking. Although eating ice cream for breakfast isn't the healthiest option, this ice cream does contain a whole cup of robustly brewed coffee, so it definitely has caffeine!

Such a delicious ice cream. The flavor of the coffee is somewhat reminiscent of a French vanilla or latte when combined with vanilla essence.

It's amazing, particularly if you love coffee.


10. Pineapple Coconut Ice Cream

The delicious sweetness of coconut milk, sugar, and vanilla, the fruitiness of pineapples, and the tangy zestiness of lime are all present in this ice cream.

The combination of the ingredients yields a delightful, tropical flavor that will have you daydreaming of sipping pia coladas on the sand.

If you're a great fan of coconut, you could even top the ice cream with a few flakes of shredded coconut when you serve it.

It now has two times as much coconut deliciousness.


11. Peach Ice Cream

Because it mixes the sweetness of ice cream with the sharpness of ripe peaches, peach ice cream is one of my particular favorites.

What a wonderful contrast.

Peaches can be used either fresh or frozen.

Peel, remove the pits, and cut them into quarters if you're using fresh ones.

Peaches that have been frozen must defrost for at least one hour.

You can adjust the amount of time the peaches spend in the food processor to achieve the ideal ice cream texture, much like with the cookies and cream ice cream.

Only briefly use the processor if you like big chunks of fruit in your ice cream.

Process the peaches until they resemble a smooth purée for smaller fruit chunks and a smoother consistency.


12. Butter Pecan Ice Cream

This butter pecan recipe will certainly become a fast favorite of yours if you enjoy incredibly sweet, buttery ice cream.

Although it is soft and silky, the crunch from the chopped pecans is delicious.

Even through the sugar, cream, vanilla, and milk, the flavor of the butter is still noticeable.

If you prefer your ice cream robust and rich, you'll adore this one because it has one of the most flavor profiles on the list.


Why Do You Need A Cuisineart Ice Cream Maker?

An ice cream maker converts the custard mixture inside ice cream and chills it into a central bowl. You can also make sorbet, gelato, and milk-free ice cream right in this appliance.

And do you know what is more important? This is the correct method to clean ice makers. If you don’t maintain them well, the quality of your ice cream will be affected.

Two different kinds of ice cream makers are available: the self-freezing and the freeze-first. Which type relies on certain conditions, like space and budget.

Freeze-first variants are simple in design, featuring a bowl with walls filled with a gel coolant. These bowls typically require 8 to 24 hours in the freezer before use and can only churn one batch of ice cream each day.

Freeze-first models are generally cheaper than self-freezing models and can produce smooth, good-quality ice cream. Not taking up many counter spaces, but the bowls might be large or oddly shaped; check the bowl’s size to ensure it fits in your freezer.


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