Baking without gluten? It's far simpler than you might imagine. We've got ten fantastic recipes to try, including a popular gluten-free lemon drizzle cake and a lovely flourless chocolate and pear cake.
10 Best Gluten-Free Cake and Pastries Recipes

10 Tastiest Cake Recipes Without Flour

There are numerous baking ingredients that can be used in place of flour, ranging from ground pistachios to entire puréed oranges, polenta, and even mashed potato (yes, really!). Explore some of our favorite gluten-free baking recipes, including a lemon polenta cake smothered in velvety icing and an aromatic orange cake bathed in rosemary and cardamom syrup.


1. Cake with apples and almonds

This apple and almond cake is free of flour (ground almonds and apple sauce glue the mixture together instead), as well as processed sugar and butter. For a mild sweetness, combine maple or agave syrup with cinnamon for a gentle warmth. Finish with a maple syrup and apple glaze.


2. Olive oil cake with strawberries and pistachios

This strawberry and pistachio cake, another recipe that makes the most of olive oil, is made irresistibly moist by using polenta instead of flour. Fresh strawberries and ground pistachios balance out the flavor profile, and it's finest served with a dollop of crème fraîche.


3. Easy vegan chocolate cake

You'd never think that this tower of chocolatey delight is devoid of dairy, eggs, wheat, and nuts, thanks to two airy sponges sandwiched together with a thick, dark chocolate frosting. The secret ingredient in the silky-smooth chocolate icing that covers this simple vegan chocolate cake is avocado.


4. Cake with orange olive oil

Our orange olive oil cake is sophisticated, aromatic, and totally wonderful, garnering 5/5 reviews. It's also entertaining to create: you boil a whole orange before puréeing it with a little lemon to make a silky paste that serves as the foundation for your cake. Don't forget to sprinkle with a fragrant rosemary and cardamom drizzle before serving.


5. Chocolate and pear flourless cake

The flourless chocolate and pear cake is as lovely as it is delicious. It's gluten-free by using toasted, ground hazelnuts (so aromatic and buttery) in place of flour, and there's a little brandy in there for good measure.


6. Carrot cake without gluten

Our carrot cake recipe removes all of the gluten while retaining all of the flavor. Gluten-free flour is widely available on shop shelves; use it to make this teatime treat flavored with cinnamon, sultanas, and mixed nuts. Don't forget about the decadent cinnamon icing on top.


7. Gluten-free Lemon Drizzle Cake

Another of Britain's favorite cakes, this time gluten-free and created with the most unexpected ingredient yet - mashed potato! Although you can't taste it, the potato binds the batter together in place of flour and, combined with the powdered almonds, ensures a moist sponge. This gluten-free lemon drizzle cake has received over 150 positive ratings, indicating that it is a must-try.


8. Chocolate cake made without flour

Plenty of dark chocolate and a half-dozen eggs (whisk the yolks until extremely pale and frothy) are required for the fudgy texture of this flourless chocolate cake. Add coffee powder to add depth and intensity to the flavor. It tastes great with fresh red berries or a dusting of icing sugar.


9. Strawberry and cherry amaretto meringue cake

The perfect summer treat is this exquisite amaretto meringue cake with strawberries and cherries. It's a pavlova cake with strawberries, cream, cherries, and almonds inspired by the fruity filling of the Austrian treat spanische wind tore... Anyone for a second?


10. Lemon polenta cake

If you follow a gluten-free diet, polenta is an excellent ingredient to keep on hand. Barney Desmazery's lemon and polenta cake recipe has received rave reviews for its moistness, intense citrus flavor, and lip-smacking sweet lemon icing.


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