Without a question, Tajin is the king of seasoning blends. Everything it comes into contact with is improved by this chile-lime seasoning salt, including juicy watermelon and the lip of your margarita glass.
12 Easy Tajin Seasoning Recipes That Will Wow Your Taste Bud

12 Homemade Tasty Tajin Recipes

Although tajin and fruit are a wonderful combination, there are a ton of other things you can make with it. You can use it as a rub for grilled meats, to cover the rims of your cocktail glasses, or to flavor a Bloody Mary.

Although it is technically a chile-lime seasoning salt, it is essentially a party in a bottle. They also produce purse-sized bottles, so you can take the celebration with you everywhere you go. Read on for more information about this crucial component of Mexican cooking as well as 12 delectable recipes that use it!


1. Cucumber water

Take this recipe for cucumber water with you if you're looking for a cool beverage to make at home.

Tajin mix is used in a small amount in this delectable infused water to add flavor.

Place in the refrigerator and give the water an hour to steep in the flavor.


2. Grilled Cantaloupe

Cantaloupe frequently serves as a fruit salad filler and is not given the credit it merits. Try grilling it to understand what I mean.

This dish offers a completely different way to look at cantaloupe.

The melon tastes deliciously juicy when grilled, and it tastes even better when drizzled with honey and dusted with Tajin.

This is a tasty appetizer and dessert for a backyard BBQ.


3. Honeydew Basil Spicy Margarita

The honeydew fruit is another that is disregarded. But once you start drinking these margaritas, everything will change.

Because of the honeydew, basil, and Tajin, they are sweet, tangy, and spicy.

Even though they are a little fancier than usual, you can manage them.

The honeydew needs to be strained, possibly in multiple batches. But the remainder is quite simple.


4. Tajin Chicken

Start off with a straightforward recipe, shall we? One of the finest ways to introduce yourself to Tajin without going overboard is with this chicken.

You can prepare the juiciest, tastiest chicken thighs you've ever had in just 10 minutes with just two ingredients.

You should cook these on the barbecue, in my opinion. The smokiness it provides gives the chicken an additional depth of flavorful flavor.

But you could also make this in the oven or on a pan.


5. Tostilocos

The spicy, crispy delicacy known as tostilocos is to die for! It's not boring at all and combines nutritious and junk food.

Mango, cucumber, and jicama will be piled high on a package of tortilla chips. To the mixture, you'll also add peanuts and tamarind candies.

Then generously sprinkle Tajin over it and add a twist of lime. Add your preferred hot sauce to everything and enjoy if that isn't enough.


6. Bloody Mary

In a Tajin-rimmed glass, the bloody mary's tasty tomato juice base is seasoned with celery salt, heated with hot sauce, and garnished with celery stalks, olives, and pepperoncini.

Every taste imaginable—spicy, umami, sweet, and tangy—is abundantly present.

Try out different garnishes, such as pickled asparagus, candied bacon, crispy bacon, and more.


7. Street tacos with Tajin shrimp

What does Tajin excel at? Besides on sliced fruits and vegetables, you can also use it to coat shrimp!

Add lime juice and tajin seasoning to the seafood before sautéing.

Combine Napa cabbage, avocado, mayo, and lime juice to make a creamy slaw.

Then arrange them all atop the corn tortillas, and congratulations—a corn street taco has just been made.


8. Tasty Tajín Ric

When eating tacos and fajitas, do you need a Mexican side dish? This delicious Tajin rice is a great option.

Tajin gives it a flavorful kick, while butter gives it richness.

If you want to make it completely dairy-free, use oil or vegan butter; otherwise, use vegetable stock to keep it vegetarian.

In either case, you can have spicy, salty, and garlicky rice ready for dinner in 30 minutes.


9. Tajin Cucumber Salad

This Tajin cucumber salad won't let you down if you're seeking for a side dish with more vegetables.

Cherry tomatoes and cucumbers keep this salad straightforward, as does the dressing. All you need is Tajin and some mayo.

This is great for last-minute needs because it can be ready in about five minutes.

Use Greek yogurt in instead of mayo if you're not a mayo fan. It will add some probiotics to the mixture and is just as creamy.


10. Tajín Shrimp Tacos

It's taco Tuesday, so make a pitcher of margaritas! And the star of the show is these shrimp tacos.

A warm corn tortilla should be topped with luscious Tajin-seasoned shrimp, red cabbage, jalapenos, and avocado crème.

The hardest task will be making the avocado crema, which only requires measuring and blending.

I think taco Tuesday will continue on a couple more nights of the week when it's this good.


11. Dehydrated Mangoes with Tajín

Enjoy a tasty snack with these spicy and sweet mangoes.

Mangoes and Tajin go together like peanut butter and jelly, in case you didn't already know.

Like all the best cuisine combinations, the contrast of sweet, spicy, and zesty works amazingly well together. Mangoes are also fat-free and loaded with vitamins.

The fruit only has to be sliced, which will take most of the day in the food dehydrator.


12. Grilled Chili Lime Chicken Fajita Salad

Would you like to spice up your weekly salad? Create a vibrant bed of greens.

This abundance of goodness, which is packed with Tajin-seasoned chicken, is how you persuade Mexican food fans to eat healthily.

Additionally, there are a ton of Tajin roasted vegetables and creamy avocado, making this dish unbelievably delicious and vibrant.

If you like guacamole or sour cream, add some of that as well.


13. Traeger Smoked Turkey Breast

Tajin is terrific on chicken, but it's also great on turkey.

Tajin, creole seasoning, and sage are just a few of the spices used to massage this prize-winning chicken.

Additionally, a citrus marinade is pumped into it to avoid drying it out.

Put that lovely object in the Traeger, and start smoking.

My friends, if you've been looking for a novel way to cook a turkey for Thanksgiving, look no further.


14. Dragon Fruit Salad with Tajín and Lime

Make this fantastic recipe for fruit salad and be daring and audacious with it.

The flavor of dragon fruit is typically compared to that of kiwi and is rather moderate. And with just a few tweaks, it is given life in this dish.

You'll drizzle some Tajin over some dragonfruit and oranges after coating them in a straightforward lime syrup.

It has a fruity, zesty, sweet, and spicy flavor, and it is very popular.

Try it out at your subsequent BBQ or party. It will be a hot topic of conversation for the group.


15. Mexican Street Corn

You're seriously missing out if you've never sampled Mexican street corn. This is legendary stuff!

And this is how Tajin would do it.

Corn cobs will be covered in mayo and topped with a mountain of toppings. This consists of Tajin, some cotija cheese, and lime.

Although cilantro is optional, I strongly suggest using it.


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