There are other sweet treats besides syrup that can be used as pancake toppings. Try these delectable substitutes for a memorable weekend feast.
21 Best Toppings for Pancake Ideas Packed With Yummiest Flavour

What to put on pancakes besides syrup?

Around the world, pancakes can be found in a variety of forms. They can be eaten for breakfast, dinner, or a snack and can be sweet or savory. They are typically served for breakfast in the US, yet who doesn't enjoy a delicious brinner? The variety of toppings for pancakes allows you to transform a regular homemade pancake into a whole meal or even a dessert.

I usually lay out a variety of toppings when I serve pancakes, even simply to my family, and allow them each add whatever they feel like. When servicing a large crowd, this works very effectively. Since low-carb pancakes are so easy to make and tasty, I occasionally even cook them.

A decent pancake bar is always a hit, and it's so simple to make! For those who prefer a savory pancake, I'll even add other toppings that aren't on this list, including yogurt, honey, cream cheese, or even smoked salmon and crème fraiche.

My kids have even added ice cream and sprinkles to their leftover pancakes as a dessert!

Make the pancakes, then prepare your toppings and put them in bowls. If you wish to serve the first few batches all at once, keep them warm in a 200F oven.

Here are some mouthwatering suggestions for pancake toppings to ensure that your breakfast never gets stale!


1. Fresh Fruit

Want a cool garnish on hot pancakes? Why not try some new fruit?

Fresh is the essential word here. Your pancakes will soar to new heights when you use the most recent, ripest fruits!

Furthermore, it makes no difference what fruit you choose. Fruits and pancakes are a classic combination, whether it's slices of sweet bananas, luscious peaches, or sour kiwis.

Or how about a flavor combination? Feel free to let your imagination go wild!

Whatever fruit(s) you decide to use, make sure to present the slices attractively. Nothing looks more enticing than pancakes with perfectly placed mango slices on top, I assure you!


2. Salsa

Wait until you give it a try before you judge this as strange. Pancakes and salsa go good together!

But you'll need to make a minor adjustment. Make sweet corn pancakes rather than ordinary pancakes. It is what makes this pairing so excellent!

The combination of the salsa's tanginess and the corn's sweetness is amazing. Additionally, the crunch of the salsa and the corn offer a pleasing tactile contrast.

This dish is enhanced by the addition of cheese shredded on top. Ooh-la-la


3. Whipped Cream

Whipping cream will become your new best buddy if you fall into the camp of people who eat dessert for breakfast. Ideally, it should be combined with fresh fruit like berries, bananas, or chocolate chips, but since we're talking about whipped cream, feel free to experiment.

I nearly always whip my own cream, but I almost always use canned cream while making pancakes. I try to make breakfast or brunch as simple as possible because there will be less leftover food. I am aware that this goes against everything I ever advocate. But in this instance, I choose to take the short cut. Choose whatever you like; freshly whipped is undoubtedly superior in flavor and texture.


4. Fresh Berries

Berries are the best pancake topping, whether they are strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, blackberries, or raspberries.

Pancakes are always fantastic, but berries make them even better! They are not only bright and healthy, but they also provide every bite a delicious rush of taste.

Even better, you're free to incorporate berries into the pancake batter or after they've already been cooked. Do both for the ultimate, berry-filled pancakes!


5. Bananas and Chocolate Chips

Bananas are a fantastic pancake topping, as we all know. They not only make the food sweeter, but they also include a lot of protein and potassium.

A breakfast of pancakes and bananas is the ideal way to start the day.

What makes pancakes with bananas even more delectable, though? Add some chocolate chips as toppings! A classic pairing is chocolate and bananas. They go together like a dream!

You'll experience such a potent explosion of taste and texture with pancakes, bananas, and chocolate chips.


6. Nutella

The ideal pancake topping is pretty much just a thick spread of melty Nutella! It becomes much more delicious when bananas are added, either freshly sliced or caramelized. You'll have the best food coma of your life if you add some of those roasted nuts and some whipped cream.


7. Blueberry Sauce

You have only frozen blueberries, but you have a need for blueberry pancakes. Well, then, prepare a blueberry sauce, which is the next best thing.

Drizzling it all over those flapjacks makes them look lovely. It is sweet and sticky.


8. Nuts

Nuts may give your fluffy pancakes some crunch. Pick your favorite nut to go with your pancakes—cashews, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, macadamias, or pecans all taste excellent!

In addition to that delightful crunchy contrast, almonds give your pancakes a creamy richness. Moreover, they are healthy, so go crazy!

One word of advice: make sure to roast the nuts for a few minutes before using. The nuts become much more flavorful and aromatic after toasting, increasing their already deliciousness.


9. Ice Cream

Every child's dream: pancakes and ice cream!

Ice cream offers a contrast in temperature, providing you the ideal combination of hot and cold, in addition to flavor and a splash of color.

There isn't just one ideal ice cream flavor here, so choose your favorite instead! Popular options include strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate.

I, however, adore butter pecans with pancakes. Its buttery and nutty flavor harmonizes beautifully with the cakes.


10. Fruit Compote

Do you want syrup and fruit on your pancakes? I'd say make a fruit compote instead!

Yes, fresh fruit on flapjacks is always wonderful, but occasionally the fruit may be too acidic. Fruit compotes are extremely sweet yet having all the delicious fruit flavor.

They taste similar to fruit and syrup blended together, which is ideal for pancakes!

And don't believe the myth that fruit compotes demand a high level of culinary expertise. You only need to simmer blueberries, sugar, water, and lemon juice in a saucepan to make a blueberry compote, for instance. It's completed in ten minutes!


11. Blueberry Syrup

What do you get when you boil sugar, cornstarch, lemon juice, and frozen blueberries? This delicious, sweet blueberry syrup!

In addition to being sweet and tart, blueberry syrup is also healthy for the body. These small berries are surely huge on flavor and nutrients because to their abundance in vitamins A and C.

Oh, and that rich, beautiful color. It provides such a dramatic contrast to the pancakes' cream tint.


12. Chocolate Chips

Another topping that tastes fantastic on its own or combined with the batter is this one. When incorporating chocolate chips into the batter, I use regular-sized chips, and when topping with small chips. Mini-chips are ideal as a topping since they melt more quickly. A delicious morning treat can be made by adding some whipped cream.

(Alternatively, omit the chips and top with chocolate sauce.)


13. Caramel Sauce

I admit that I may be biased, but caramel sauce is the ideal pancake topping. I've said it there. And I'm not giving it back!

There are just so many aspects about caramel sauce that I like. You won't find anything else with the distinctive sweet flavor that butter and sugar together give it.

Additionally, it has a luxuriously thick yet silky smooth consistency that is simply divine.

After that, what happens when you add some salt to the mixture? Oh my gosh, the difference is unbelievable! You'll experience this amazing and tempting sweet and salty combination.

You can stop there, but adding a little bourbon will make it more upscale. The straightforward infused gives it such a richer, lovely flavor!

also used as a drizzle on pancakes? I could eat it every day since it's so amazing!


14. Jams

Imagine jam-filled donuts, but with pancakes in place of the doughnuts. That is the main idea behind this pairing! Who has the time to prepare doughnuts from scratch, after all?

It sounds amazing, doesn't it, tart, sweet, and fruity jam lavishly spread on top or between pancakes? Additionally, it is considerably simpler than making doughnuts.

With none of the work, all the sweet, fluffy doughnut goodness. That is what I consider the ideal breakfast right there!


15. Peanut Butter

Pancakes and peanut butter? How creamy and luscious, holy cow!

If you enjoy a little saltiness and nuttiness with your pancakes, this topping is ideal. So go ahead and spread your favorite peanut butter on your pancakes for the ultimate breakfast treat.

However, sometimes peanut butter is a touch too thick. To make things simpler, melt it in the microwave for 30 seconds with honey or corn syrup to create an appealing syrup.


16. Fried Eggs

Another well-known pancake combo is the last on our list. A fried egg with a perfectly runny yolk is all you need to add flavor and heartiness to your pancakes.

Even though the addition is straightforward, it has a significant impact. Imagine that golden yolk pouring down the layers of delicious pancakes. Absolutely heaven!

17. Apple Butter

Yes, butter goes great with pancakes. But instead, spread apple butter on your cakes to give them the best fall flavor!

Something about apple butter makes it seem so cosy and comforting. It's impossible to resist the delicious flavor of heated spices with luscious apples!

The best comfort food is pancakes with apple butter on top.


18. Sausage

The smoky, meaty flavor you need in your pancakes is savory sausage.

You may add some more flavor to your pancakes by adding sausage. You can use entire links for this, but I like crumbles better because they give the pancakes more crunch.

Oh, and I would also strongly suggest spreading maple syrup on top of the sausage. It produces a sweet and salty combination that is simply too delicious.


19. Fried Apples

On their own, fresh apples fried in butter, sugar, and cinnamon are sheer bliss. However, eating them with fluffy pancakes will unquestionably make you happy for the rest of time.


20. Burger Patty

Have you ever attempted to turn pancakes into hamburgers? The time is now if you haven't!

Why not adore it? The ideal breakfast is a juicy burger patty sandwiched between two sweet, fluffy pancakes. For even more lip-smacking pleasure, don't forget to sprinkle it with maple syrup.


21. Maple Syrup

Even though this is the most popular topping for pancakes for breakfast, it still deserves to be at the top. There is a reason why this pairing is so cherished: when the butter melts and seeps into the pancakes, then it is covered with a sweet, sticky maple syrup, it is an incredibly delectable combination.

The best option is to buy locally produced maple syrup if you can. When our preferred local brand runs out, we adore Butternut Mountain Farm. Try it and experience the distinction between it and "genuine" maple syrup. I'll confess that this isn't quite as good as what my grandfather used to make when he used to tap his trees, but it comes close.


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