These traditional American breakfast items are the finest part of getting out of bed every morning! From pancakes to eggs to bagels, these recipes are sure to please!
18 Tastiest American Breakfast Foods

Breakfast may or may not be the most important meal of the day, but one thing is certain: it is delicious at any time of day.

Pancakes for dinner, waffles for lunch, and cinnamon rolls for a mid-morning snack are all favorites of mine.

These goodies are also delicious after hours! After the year we've had, when can you indulge in some late-night hash browns?

Let's ignore the time and plunge into some of the best American morning meals available.


1. Easy Homemade Croissant Recipe

To be clear, the process of preparing authentic croissants takes time for a reason.

You'll need to put in the effort with a superb recipe if you want those wonderful layers.

That being said, if you want a quick way to cook something tasty, this is the recipe for you.

Adding thinly sliced butter to the dough will allow it to combine and form some of the expected layers.

They're not ideal, but they're a good substitute.


2. Breakfast Cookies

Not an hour after discovering this recipe, these were cooling on a rack. Breakfast cookies? After all, it is the dream!

Bananas, raisins, nut butter, oats, and cranberries, to mention a few of the gluten-free babies' ingredients.

Make sure to look for gluten-free oats. When you use apple butter, they're also vegan.


3. Biscuits and Gravy

 If you want to cook something luxurious for breakfast, make biscuits and gravy.

As a beginner, it may take you a little longer the first time, but it will get much easier from there. Just remember to start with cold butter, preferably frozen.

Make and freeze a batch of biscuits ahead of time so all you have to do is pull out your portion and bake.


4. No Yeast 2-Ingredient Bagels

I believe most of us have looked at a bagel recipe and moved on after seeing how they're prepared. Boiling and baking? Who has time for that?

The good news is that these 2-ingredient bagels are authentic. They taste wonderful and are easy to make.

You only need Greek yogurt and flour! Plus any other toppings you choose.

If you can't locate everything bagel seasoning in the supermarket, you can make your own.


5. Avocado Toast

Avocado toast is delicious at any time of day, but it's especially delicious for breakfast.

It's the little decadence we all deserve: crunchy, creamy, and ready in minutes.

Try smearing a garlic clove over your avocado toast to amp up the flavor. Or, even better, use garlic confit! It is unquestionably game-changing.

On certain days, I stick to a drizzle of olive oil and a crack of black pepper.

But every now and again, I like to take my time, add some roasted cherry tomatoes and onions, and top it all off with a fried egg for good measure.


6. Starbucks Pumpkin Muffins (Copycat Recipe)

If you're going to prepare muffins for breakfast, why not fill them with healthful pumpkin?

Because of the cream cheese filling, this recipe is a fan favorite. I also add additional to the top!

To get that delicious filling without it bubbling over, combine the cream cheese, egg, and sugar in a log and freeze it.

It can be trimmed to size and baked slowly inside the muffin.


7. No-Knead Homemade English Muffins (No Oven Needed)

English muffins have a distinct texture. They're light and fluffy, with a delicious crust.

This dish appeals to me because it does not require the use of a mixer. I have one, however it can be difficult to get it all out for a tiny production.

This is a hands-on recipe that produces a sticky dough that must rest overnight.

These can be cooked on the stovetop after you've rolled and portioned them.


8. French Toast Casserole

I enjoy French toast, but it does not always turn out perfectly. I'm either too impatient and don't soak it long enough, or I step away for another cup of coffee and burn one side.

That's why I enjoy a good French toast casserole. You can use any kind of stale bread you have on hand, and soaking it overnight ensures the creamiest custard filling ever.

Try adding raisins for an extra special touch. They'll absorb the custard as well, becoming soft and sweet.


9. Cheesy Bacon And Egg Hash (Breakfast Skillet)

As much as I adore my cast-iron pan, I prefer to bake this dish. It's considerably simpler and requires less effort.

Start them on the burner to achieve a beautiful crust, then top with the bacon and bake until done.


10. Hot Chocolate Oatmeal

I generally have my oatmeal with fresh baked apples in the morning, but this was a no-brainer.

If you want to avoid dairy, substitute coconut milk or oat milk, and while I like darker cocoa, you may use whatever you have on hand.

Your oats will be ready in five minutes once your cocoa mixture has been thoroughly heated.

If you're feeling especially sweet, top it with some chopped nuts or mini-marshmallows.


11. Starbucks Blueberry Muffins

Let's face it: blueberry muffins are difficult to resist. They're soft, moist, and full of sweet fruit bursts, making them ideal for a quick snack or on-the-go breakfast.

This dish with the crunchy topping appeals to me! It lends a nice texture to the soft crumb.


12. Perfect Every Time Homemade Waffles

The ideal waffle should have a slightly crisp exterior and a fluffy within.

It's amazing how many places get it incorrect. We've all had those greasy waffles, right?

The truth is that my waffle difficulties ended when I purchased a proper waffle iron. Do you mean the sort that flips? I know it appears to be an extra step, but trust me when I say it's well worth it!

And you'll never have a soggy or oily batch of waffles again with this recipe.


13. Deliciously Moist Banana Bread Recipe

It's easy to make and always a hit. It's sweet, moist, and wonderful for breakfast or a mid-morning coffee break.

Check to see if your bananas are ripe. That is when they are most tasty!

Sour cream is an important element in making your banana bread moist, so I wouldn't skip it. If necessary, you can substitute plain yogurt.


14. Peanut Butter Overnight Oats

I used to struggle with overnight oats. I couldn't get the cold oatmeal to taste right, no matter how hard I tried.

This is where peanut butter comes into play!

I should've known better. What is peanut butter incapable of? I'll even throw in some mini-chocolate chips if I'm feeling particularly naughty.


15. Easy Homemade Latte Recipe

Skip the pricey chain lattes and make your own at home! This simple method will show you how to create a latte step by step without the use of any special equipment.

Recipe for an Easy Homemade Latte

To create a vanilla latte at home, you don't need a costly coffee machine. It really is as simple as heating and whisking!

Using a tiny whisk, froth the milk to the correct consistency before gently pouring it over the freshly brewed coffee.

Heat your milk with the preferred flavoring, such as cinnamon, chocolate, or nutmeg, for extra flavor.


16. Fresh Huevos Rancheros

On a cruise, I was first introduced to the wonders of huevos rancheros. Since then, I've been addicted and cook them once a week for dinner.

These are impossible to resist, from the handmade refried black beans to the oozing yolk on top.

I like to top mine with a layer of spicy chicken or sausage and a heaping spoonful of guacamole on the side.


17. The Perfect Breakfast Sandwich

Just wait until you hear about the burritos! You'll want this every day with the croissant, bacon, egg, guacamole, and garlic butter tomato sauce.

I don't blame you for being intrigued about the garlic butter tomato sauce. And, yeah, it's every bit as amazing as it sounds.

Regular ketchup doesn't stand a chance against this.


18. Frozen Fruit Smoothie

The variety of smoothies has to be the best part.

Do you prefer them to be creamy? Sweet? Greens abound? It's entirely up to you, and you may alter it up on a daily basis to keep things interesting.

I like to add Greek yogurt to mine for a protein boost, and I keep at least a dozen freezer bags of fruit on hand for the morning.

If your smoothie is flavorless, try adding some simple syrup to the mix. You only need a pinch of sugar to bring out the delicious aromas.

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