The finest ways to finish a bottle of peach schnapps are with these cocktails! The transparent liqueur gives beverages a strong fruity flavor.
10 Top Peach Schnapps Drinks Ideal for Any Parties

10 Best Peach Schnapps Drinks

Do you have a bottle of peach schnapps handy? Have you purchased a bottle for a Fuzzy Navel but are unsure of its other use? (As accused, guilty.) You can still add a delicious peach taste to cocktails by using it in a variety of ways.

A clear grain spirit is transformed into peach schnapps by combining peach flavour with it. DeKuyper first debuted it in 1984, and it immediately rose to the top spot in American schnapps sales. It's excellent for enhancing flavor because it has a strong fruity and peach-forward flavor. A little goes a long way, so use it cautiously!


1. Perfect Peach Martini

For summer brunches, try this silky, citrus-flavored beverage.

Every taste has a faint tinge of peachy deliciousness. Otherwise, they have a mimosa-like flavor.

*Note: For a stronger peach flavor, use peach slices for the orange juice. In either case, the beverage is sweet, fruity, and absolutely delicious.


2. Royal Flush Drink

The royal flush strikes the ideal sweet-tart mix. Peach, cranberry, and Crown Royal are its complimentary flavors.

It's a deliciously crisp and energizing beverage. Additionally, it is tingling, fizzy, and completely tempting. Furthermore, everything comes together in about 5 minutes.

Prepare a batch for your upcoming poker game or other events. Everyone will value these, I'm sure.


3. Peach Daiquiri

The peach daiquiri is a traditional beverage that doesn't require any explanation. It has a flavor similar to biting into a fresh peach and is sweet and energizing.

Each drink contains 1.5 ounces of rum and 1 ounce of peach schnapps. Nothing else will warm your gut if that doesn't.


4. Sex on the Beach Drink

Over the years, I've probably sampled a dozen different versions of this beverage. My favorite beach sex recipe, though, is this one.

It blends vodka with grapefruit, lemon, and cranberry juices as well as peach schnapps. (If you'd like, you could substitute orange juice for grapefruit juice.)

It's my favorite since it's simultaneously sweet, tangy, sour, and somewhat bitter.

In addition, despite not tasting it at all, the alcohol is rather potent. It comes in small packaging yet is incredibly great.


5. Fuzzy Navel

Without a fuzzy navel cocktail, summer simply isn't summer. This enticing beverage has a flavor that is as vibrant as its distinguishing orange hue.

It's difficult not to enjoy because it's bursting with peach and orange fruit flavors. It's not a really potent beverage, but that's okay.

That just means that before slowing down, you get to enjoy a few extras!

This is the drink you want if you're seeking something to sip on during the summer.


6. Mexican Sunset

This delicious drink is a lovely sunset in a glass. It tastes delicious and tropical and has a powerful tequila kick.

You just need to garnish it with a lime twist and some cherries. Whether you're on the beach or not, you can still act like a typical beach bum.


7. Tequila And Peach Schnapps Cocktail

This fruity, alcoholic beverage kicks in quickly. It's the ideal cocktail for those who prefer their drinks a little stronger.

However, you should be informed that it has a strong alcoholic flavor. You probably won't like this one if you don't like the flavor of tequila.

But if it doesn't concern you, try it out.

It's a great beverage for swiftly becoming buzzed.


8. Woo Woo Cosmo Cocktail

This stunning red beverage tastes much better as it looks and smells. You won't believe how simple it is to prepare, either.

The only ingredients you'll need are vodka, peach schnapps, and cranberry juice.

Over ice, pour everything into a shaker and vigorously shake it. This one will be enjoyable in under five minutes.


9. Peach Cocktail

Georgia does it right when it comes to blending cocktails with peaches. Of course, Georgia should have the best peach beverages.

It is the Peach State after all.

So there's no need to explore any further if you're looking for the classic peach beverage.

This Georgia peach cocktail is an unbeatable southern delight.


10. Alcoholic Sweet Peach Tea

If you've ever visited the south, you are aware of how well-known their sweet tea is. Additionally, it isn't always just tea, water, and sugar.

Lemon tea, peach tea, and even strawberry tea are frequently served. The traditional peach tea gets a boozy makeover in this beverage with only four ingredients.

You get both coffee and alcohol from it. That is the sort of drink I like.

Pro Tip: You should also add sugar to make sure you're receiving true southern sweet tea.

A little sweetness is added by the peach schnapps. Without tons of sugar, though, it wouldn't be considered southern sweet tea.

(I normally add extra to taste after adding a fourth of a cup.)


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