Like everything else in the world, trends come and go in the cocktail world as well. It's unlikely that what people are drinking today is the same as what was featured on everyone's Instagram feeds a year or two ago.
15 Best Cocktails For The Past 50 Years

15 Best Coctails Ever

Some timeless designs hold up well year after year (looking at you, Old Fashioned). Even with the classics, though, drinkers' tastes can shift in unexpected ways. These are the top 15 Cocktails that are most loved worldwide.  


1. Porn Star Martini

Tim Nusog / Porn Star Martini Liquor

This cocktail recipe was recently added to last year, and it quickly rose to the top of our most-used recipes list. What's not to love about a drink that was created to be served with a Champagne chaser? It's a crowd-pleasing blend of vanilla and passionfruit flavors.


2. Pina colada

With our lively and flavorful pia colada, try a taste of the tropics. This timeless combination of creamy coconut, silky white rum, and tart pineapple is the ideal treat for anybody with a sweet taste. As many kitsch umbrellas, vibrant straws, and pineapple pieces as you can go into the garnish. Do you want something a little softer? Try our coconut water and Brazilian cachaca-based crystal colada.


3. Rum Punch

Our favorite weekend treat is our traditional Caribbean rum punch. This sun-striped cocktail is made by combining wonderful sweet and sour flavors with golden rum and fresh juice. To give your beverage richness and a spiced mellowness, we suggest choosing a high-quality golden or dark rum.


4. Bourbon old-fashioned

Tim Nusog,

This traditional drink is still widely consumed today just as it was 200 years ago, despite being little more than a slug of whiskey that has been spiced and sweetened. It also represents a cocktail as it was originally defined, which is to say a mixture of spirit, sugar, water, and bitters.


5. Aperol spritz

The Italians are dominating the drink menu once more. With a traditional Aperol spritz, you can experience the warmer months. It's only three ingredients away from being sunshine in a glass, so it makes sense that this is our go-to beverage in the summer. We have a simple, hydrating dish that everyone can cook. Simply add soda and a splash of prosecco to your Aperol to taste.


6. Espresso Martini

Reports of this caffeinated '80s favorite's recent return are accurate. Although there are many variations, it's important to remember the traditional blend of vodka, coffee liqueur, espresso, and simple syrup.


7. Long Island Iced Tea

Tim Nusog and Long Island Iced Tea Liquor

It's been a while, but it seems like many of us are still going through it. This beverage is here to assist. Something about this blend of four distinct spirits and a liqueur (plus lemon juice and cola) makes it feel like it'll get the job done more effectively than any other mixed drink. It's not that it contains so much more alcohol than many other beverages.


8. Margarita

Tim Nusog's and Margarita's

This drink has emerged as one of the most adored in the history of cocktails because it combines tart lime juice with sweet, orangey triple sec and, of course, the most well-known agave spirits. There are countless variations of this riff, but we believe this one, which straddles the line between a Tommy's Margarita and the traditional triple sec-heavy variation, is the greatest.


9. Dirty Martini

Tim Nusog and Dirty Martini

The Dirty Martini, which adds a splash of olive brine to the traditional Martini formula of gin or vodka and dry vermouth, is a perennial favorite for drinkers seeking a touch of sophistication. It is briny yet elegant, saline yet straightforward.


10. White Russian

Tim Nusog,

Let's face it, The Dude had a point with his preferred beverage. It couldn't be easier to make the now-iconic concoction of vodka, Kahla, and heavy cream, which is as soothing as a warm winter blanket.


11. Negroni

The traditional negroni is a must-have on any good cocktail menu since it is dark and tasty and only requires three essential components. Just combine equal parts of gin, vermouth, and campari for a boozy flavor experience. We love this zesty, slightly bitter aperitivo before dinner.


12. Adios, Motherfucker

Image: Tim Nusog,

The popularity of this concoction, which is essentially a blue Long Island Iced Tea, peaked in late January 2021. We think we know what the cause is. So's always wonderful when there's a reason for everyone to raise a glass in celebration and the ideal beverage to do it with.


13. Mojito

An afternoon in the heat of summer calls for a refreshing mojito. For a delicious beverage that no one will refuse, combine some white rum, sugar, lime juice, and refreshing soda water. Discover the bartender's tips for creating the perfect mojito, including rum selection and mixing of the components. We promise that just one sip of this drink with latin influences will take you to a sandy beach.


14. Pimm's

Without a cup of delicious Pimm's punch, summer in the United Kingdom wouldn't be complete. For a fruitier flavor, make a pitcher for your upcoming get-together with friends and fill it with lots of mint leaves, cucumber, citrus, and strawberries. Make a Pimm's slushie out of this fantastic summer cup to keep everyone cool, or make our pomegranate Pimm's by adding some juice and seeds.


15. Cosmopolitan

A cosmopolitan has the ideal ratio of sweet and sour flavors, as well as a delectably light citrus undertone. The recipe is readily changed if you want to add a twist; if you like tequila, try substituting it for the vodka in your completed cocktail. Serve in the required martini glass and enjoy the festivities!


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